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Find Stuff on Your Hard Drive!

Do you ever look for something in your e-mail or document folders and just can’t remember what you called it or where you put it?  You need "desktop search" software… it allows you to quickly do a FULL TEXT SEARCH of your own hard drive and find what you want, even if you can only… Read more »

Being Organized Pays Off for Computer Failures!

As I finish my journey of reconstructing my laptop with a new hard drive, I wanted to share with my readers another proactive tool that helped me tremendously.  As one of my friends who knows a lot about data recovery says, a big chunk of time in recovery is just "thinking time," about what you… Read more »

Sudden Hard Drive Crash!

They say it’s not "if" your hard drive will crash, it’s "when."  I am living proof that you should be prepared for this at any time!  Today I was working happily on my notebook computer, the new one I just bought in March.  It froze up while I was working, and I thought a simple… Read more »

Five Websites I Find Essential in My Work

I’ve been tagged! My colleague Ariane Benefit from the Neat & Simple Living Blog has tagged me to share 5 of the websites I find useful in my work. It’s hard to narrow it down, as you may remember from yesterday that I have over 700 bookmarks! I am trying to strike a balance between… Read more »

Organize Your Website Favorites

If you ever want to declutter your list of web favorites or bookmarks, there is a great free tool you can use to quickly test all of the links and clean them up.  It’s called AM-Deadlink. It runs a scan to check whether the links are still good, and you can check for duplicates, and… Read more »

Look Up Those “Big Words!”

For those of you who struggle with organizing your e-mail, I wanted to share with you just for humorous reasons the funny piece by Nora Ephron in this Sunday’s New York Times about "The Six Stages of E-mail":  Infatuation Clarification Confusion Disenchantment Accommodation Death While reading this, I noticed something I have never seen before…at… Read more »

When Lightning Strikes

Part of our definition of being organized is being ready and prepared. I was certainly glad that I was prepared last night with a surge protector for my laptop! I am in Florida right now, and we had a huge thunderstorm last night. (And I understand my hometown of Austin is getting pummeled with storms… Read more »

Organizing Your Passwords- Be Safe!

I belong to a Yahoo Group of Austin business owners, and someone in our group just posted a long message about what he learned from being the victim of identity theft.  The main violation that occurred was the compromise of the person’s Yahoo e-mail address.  From there, all hell broke loose, involving eBay, PayPal, and… Read more »

Swap ‘Til You Drop!

How do you take clutter and turn it into something valuable and useful for you?  By swapping it, of course!  We previously posted about a couple of sites for swapping gift cards, Plastic Jungle and Card Avenue, and there is one more that I’ve found lately:  SwapAGift.  Those are great for turning unused gift cards… Read more »

I’m North, You’re South–Where Should We Meet?

How many times have you had this conversation with someone about where to meet for coffee?  Someone lives in one part of the city and you live on the opposite side– Where do you meet that is an equal distance and fair amount of driving for each of you, and then what place is there… Read more »

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