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July 13, 2015 - Press Release: Creator of Clutter Diet® Honored For Being Goodwill® Advocate

April 21, 2015 - US News & World Report: Frugal Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

March 15, 2015 - Wall Street Journal: Best Selling Books

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  • The Clutter Diet is just what you need to jumpstart organizing your life. It’s the next best thing to having an organizer standing next to you!
    Linda Rothschild, CEO, Cross It Off Your List, NYC
  • THANK YOU. I just renewed my membership. This last year has been a blessing--my home, my life has changed because I keep up with my diet. I am thrilled to continue...thanks!
    Janica Fisher, member
  • I'm really enjoying your service (and much to my AMAZEMENT, it's actually WORKING!). How do you do it?! It's fascinating. I am very grateful for the virtual help, support, concrete action plan, and rewards! They really do work. Thank you!
    Susan Trevithick, member
  • Thanks to Clutter Diet, the improvement in our home is amazing. I do not feel like I am drowning in my home anymore. I really feel like it has put our family back together again. I wish Lorie and the team wild success!
    sunnymominsocal, Member
  • I have been a member for a short time and am starting to see and feel some real changes. With the current economy, it is great to have goals that are free and good for you and your family!! This service is the best money I ever spent.
    Leslie Horn, member
  • Your website is like my right arm!! I really do LOVE your web service and print off each week. As a mother of 6 kids, I have plenty to organize and re-organize! Clutter Diet helps to keep me on track and my home running more efficiently!
    Laura Holland, member
  • I want you to know that the strategies I have learned here have impacted my life immensely! I'm in my 50's and can't believe how easy it has been to get a handle on the systems in my house after all these years of not having a clue! Best of all, it has been a lasting change: a year later things are still organized and my life is easier because of it! I'm truly amazed and grateful! (I have recommended Clutterdiet to many!)
    Julie B., member
  • I absolutely love the program! A real blessing! I have 4 young daughters and we have been homeschooling for 5 years. Overall , I am pretty organized, but when it comes to certain areas, I really needed some help! I love your empowering, positive attitude and professionalism!
    Pamela Hobson, member
  • I started here almost a year ago and since that time, our home has undergone an amazing transformation. I can't thank you all enough for the help and guidance you gave and continue to give me. You not only helped me to believe in myself, but my husband believes now that I can do what I set out to do. Not only do we now have a great pantry, laundry room, craft room, office, guest room, parlor and living room - we've done it together and we keep them clean. I use the timer and go slowly and in steps and take my time. I intend to sign on for another year, because it helps me to organize the things I need to do on a daily basis and not feel overwhelmed. You have helped us more than I can ever tell you! Thank you all so much!!!
    Robby Merrington, member
  • Loving you all for what you have done for me. Am beyond retirement age by a number of years, and as might be expected, have wanted to get my affairs, particularly my home, in order, which I've not been so good at over time, but the peace of mind your website brings is a lovely thing to experience.
    Ann T., member
  • I've enjoyed the site tremendously and learned a lot from all the different discussions and suggestions. It has really helped in some areas of my home, and there are other areas that still need work. Thanks so much for offering this awesome service!
    Kathie S., member
  • Thank you so much for providing this service. I have been reviewing the tutorials, taking notes, and started a binder. I have cleaned off my kitchen island and my goal is to keep it tidy! It is a dumping grounds for everyone in the family... I feel that you truly want to help people and that is what clicked for me when I signed up!
    Brenda Flynn, member
  • I feel so much lighter when my life feels organized and thanks to Lorie Marrero’s Clutter Diet I am getting a little more zing in my step every day. Interviewing Lorie was like having a dear friend in my house helping me pull it all together. Thanks Lorie!
    Dana Hilmer, Host, the LifestyleMom Radio Café
  • Thank you very much for the monthly calls. They are great. I love the idea of the routines. The tutorials are great, and the fact that we can upload pictures of our projects on the bulletin board and get individualized help is wonderful. I feel like so much is available through this program. You have a wonderful product that really does cover so many bases. I do feel like I have my own Clutter Diet consultants.
    Angel Vail, member
  • Making a commitment to myself & The Clutter Diet helps move me along with projects. Hearing from The Clutter Diet staff & members cheers me on & helps me realize others care & are willing to support my efforts. I may be working alone, but with The Clutter Diet I am not alone in making my home a better place to be. I am in awe of how well this program works. And I'm truly grateful it's here, I'm using it, & it's helping me. Thanks, Clutter Diet staff & members.
    MJ, member
  • I love Clutter Diet, it has given me back my home.
    Juleen Busike, member
  • I am learning all sorts of good things here at the Clutter Diet. First, and probably foremost, no matter how much decluttering work you do, it won't stay that way if you don't have good systems and routines in place. So this time, when I came back after taking a little time off, I decided to pay attention to the routines and systems. In the two weeks that I have been doing this, I haven't made a lot of forward decluttering progress, but my house is looking nicer none-the-less, and I'm certainly feeling a lot better about it in general.
    ScrapChris, member
  • I got the suggestions & help I needed to get going, and I got going! I have been chronically disorganized for most of my life and the last few years this has caused me to become depressed. The Clutter Diet helped jump start me, and I've reorganized 75% of my house in a few months! My depression has improved a great deal because I've decluttered so much. Thank you everyone for your help!
    Dertona, member
  • Since joining in April I have noticed a "brain change" with how I think about & see things around here. The changes in my house have been amazing & even though there's still plenty to do I feel like there's definitely been life changes that have put me on the right track where I'll be able to achieve anything.
    Rebecca D., member
  • This morning I took some self time to reflect on changes in my life since becoming a Clutter Diet member. I have developed new ways of thinking about making realistic goals; ways I use/abuse time; priorities in every area of my life; and I am becoming more aware of what does and doesn’t work for me.
    Nahant, member
  • The Clutter Diet really seems to incorporate all the best practices I've seen in other methods into one system and has so many great value-added features that you don't get anywhere else. It's so worth the money!
    Stephanie T., member
  • The sentiment of generational clutter is particularly pertinent to me and drove me to Clutter Diet. I'm enjoying being a member. Learning all the things my mother did not know to teach me!! Clutter is like get it from your kids, I guess. Or vice versa! And Clutter Diet is helping me BUNCHES.
    Martha Cropper, member
  • I think the hardest part is getting started. After that my organizing tasks seem to take on an energy of their own. One completed task leads to another! The other hard part is prioritizing. That's where Clutter Diet comes in. By having "assigned" tasks I can focus on getting those done instead of dithering about the state of the whole house (which actually isn't too bad, but there are "hot spots"). Thanks, Clutter Diet!
    Molly S., member
  • Since The Clutter Diet, I no longer leave anything sitting around. My family room has been completely pile free for 3 weeks now. Thanks Clutter Diet!
    Wanda Owen, member
  • I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your site and system.
    Liz Forman, member
  • Before Clutter Diet, I would still have 5 laundry baskets full of stuff that I stash-n-dashed to go through... Here it is Wednesday, and I have kept the table cleared off all week. I've also kept up with the laundry and dishes.
    Brenda Kirk (baby610427), member
  • Encouragement is exactly why I am a part of The Clutter Diet. I've tried it on my own and have been miserably unsuccessful. I absolutely love having my own community to help cheer me on! It's nice to come to The Clutter Diet everyday and know that I can get the support that I need and give support to you all as well. The Clutter Diet has most definitely changed my life - more than any other way, it has changed the way that I think about myself and talk to myself - as a wife, a mother and a person.
    Jennifer H., member
  • Clutter Diet & I get another gold upstairs was clean enough that I felt fine letting a neighbor in to talk. She stayed for about 2 hrs & I was able to just sit & relax instead of wishing her gone out of embarrassment.
    Beccaloo, member
  • I am learning that the old habits of not making decisions and piling stuff have not helped me toward my goal of order, peace, and efficiency. The Clutter Diet helped me to persevere and actually finish every bit of this project - a victory! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I love The Clutter Diet!
    Stacey K., member
  • Usually if I missed a few days it would turn into weeks then months & the project wouldn't get finished, this is where I find The Clutter Diet so helpful. I love this message board. Thanks!!
    Angela Knox, member
  • The Clutter Diet is really helping me in many areas of my life. Your way of looking at things and your advice has helped me make very different choices for my family. My children are growing up with a different mentality, one that is healthier and allows them to decide what is truly important in our lives. Thank you so much!
    Melissa B., member
  • How exciting to have your detailed explanation of how to organize with the 7-Day Quickstart! I already FEEL EMPOWERED!!! with more to come, I'm sure...
    Jacalyn M., member
  • I find this program so helpful in many small, large and effective ways. Thank you! You have saved me probably at least a thousand dollars by being able to follow the steps and do the work myself, on my own time, rather then hiring a local professional organizer to come into my home.
    Pat M., member
  • I love this concept and program. I am currently on Day 6. I love it. It's done so much for me already. I can't believe I'd rather be staying at home working on my projects than traveling.
    Sherry C., member
  • By just putting my lists out here for the Clutter Diet world to see, I not only get the personal accountability I need to accomplish what needs to get done, I get this AMAZING support group that cheers me on to victory!
    Cherie, member
  • Thank you to everyone at Clutter Diet for encouraging me! I am making much better decisions and progress because of this program. I love it, and I feel hopeful again. I really want every area of my home viewable. I'm tired of feeling bad. I know the folks here can help me do it, if I just stick to it!
    WG, member
  • I really love the Clutter Diet and all the lovely people on the site. I never made so much progress with de-cluttering as I have this past few weeks. So a big thank you to all !!!
    Maz22, member
  • I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful program!!! I just love the website! Your team has been wonderful! And I have really enjoyed all of your videos!
    Sparkle, member
  • I feel like I have an actual direction and some organization for the first time in many years!! I feel some major peace coming my way. What a fantastic web site and great people here!!  Awesome!
    Clutterguy, Member
  • I love the Clutter Diet; it's helping me learn to live simply.
    Carol C., Member
  • I really enjoy your website, especially the forums and the exceptionally well done tutorials! The tutorials helped me to grasp concepts that were very fuzzy for me before. Thank you very much! I enjoy your videos, too! You have a gift for teaching concepts, and making the whole picture simple enough to grasp.
    SunnyDay, Member
  • My membership to Clutter Diet has been a wonderful investment, already with great returns. Besides the motivating comments for me and my chance to think things through, I also enjoy the other message boards, and love to see the forward motion of others through those accountability lists.
    Christine, Member

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