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Organize Your Website Favorites

Amdeadlinkscreenshot_2If you ever want to declutter your list of web favorites or bookmarks, there is a great free tool you can use to quickly test all of the links and clean them up.  It’s called AM-Deadlink. It runs a scan to check whether the links are still good, and you can check for duplicates, and even delete the bookmark right from there when you see it is no longer working.  Click the thumbnail here for a screenshot to see more.  It works with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I could not believe I had over 700 bookmarks!  They are organized in folders so I don’t realize how many are in there. I have collected these over years of surfing… it’s a good idea to run AM-Deadlink if for no other reason than to just look over all the stuff you’ve collected. It was fun to find some cool things I forgot about!



too funny, i just spent about an hour going through my bookmarks (before i read this post of course). i’ll save this app for next time, thanks!

Too much time online!

I find that I spend a lot of time online, across different computers. Work, home, school – it gets confusing to keep track of all the information I like to save! Also, a heavy bookmarker (for work and school purposes) I don’t like the clunkiness of having to view my bookmarks, how disorganised they get, and how many accumulate on my computer. I use an online bookmarking service, so I can access them ANYWHERE, make them available to others (they are public), and organise them when I need to into appropriate groups. I can tag them with information, and I can also see what others are posting. A handy ‘bookmarklet’ lets me save the bookmark with a quick description and a few tags, painlessly, without leaving the page I am on. Phew! I swear by – it is ridiculously useful and means I am not bound to one computer. Just a thought!


I just signed on this week. So I don’t know if this is the right place. If it’s not let me know-please. (this is a question and not a comment)
I had a question about bookmarks. Is there any way you can alphabetize them for easier finding items on the list?


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