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Organizing for “Gamers”

Do your kids have several video game consoles?  Mine do.  It is not something I am thrilled about!  But they are really into it, and we do have limitations on their use.  So here are a couple of tips on how an organizer gets the gamers organized! First, the cords and cables.  What an electronic… Read more »

Little Known Microsoft Word Shortcut Saves BIG HASSLES!

Being efficient and saving time is a big part of being an organized person.  Today I am in touch with my "Inner Geek" and wanted to tell you about one of my favorite Microsoft Word shortcuts that saves a ton of time and hassle!  Have you ever typed a really long phrase, or even a… Read more »

Who’s Watching Your WiFi Connection, and What Can They See?

Many of my dear readers enjoy a little productivity boost by working off-site in a coffee shop or bookstore for a change of pace.  There is a lot of paranoia out there about people being able to spy on your WiFi internet connections when you are out in public, and I found a very helpful… Read more »

Are You a Filer, or a Piler?

"Filers" have neat folders and subfolders, and "Pilers" keep things arranged in vertical stacks and know how to locate things based on almost a "geographical" orientation on their desks.  With paper, the more kinesthetic "Pilers" can easily move their paper documents around on their desks as they please, but computers have always forced Pilers to… Read more »

Find Your Stuff!

Well, here’s a nifty little gadget:  The Loc8tor.  It works on the same concept as your cordless land line phone’s paging feature. You attach little signal tags to the stuff you might normally lose, like remote controls, keys, wallets, cell phones, even pets or kids (no kidding!).  If you don’t know where they are, you… Read more »

I Am Writing This Now to Send Later…

Here is a handy little trick for people who work late, like I do… If you are trying to catch up on your work late at night but don’t want to look like a complete fiend for staying up at 1 AM doing e-mail, try this: In Outlook, from within the e-mail message you are… Read more »

No Excuse for Bad Spelling on the Web!

Consider the wonders of the humble Google toolbar. Most people, it appears, use it only for the search window and the pop-up blocker, but have no idea about the other buttons. There are some great tools on there! The Spell Check button checks your spelling in web forms, web-based e-mail, chat rooms, andother places where… Read more »

The iPod Revolution– Organize Your Music!

I just have to write an ode to my favorite gadget, the iPod. I took a trip this weekend to get away and do some writing, and I just marveled once again at how I had my entire music collection clipped to my waistband. I was able to enjoy anything I wanted without having to… Read more »

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