Closed September 2017

Are You a Filer, or a Piler?

Bumptop "Filers" have neat folders and subfolders, and "Pilers" keep things arranged in vertical stacks and know how to locate things based on almost a "geographical" orientation on their desks.  With paper, the more kinesthetic "Pilers" can easily move their paper documents around on their desks as they please, but computers have always forced Pilers to adopt a Filer mentality with their electronic documents and folder tree structure.  So, what if the Pilers came out with their own computer filing technique??  This is just a prototype study, but I find it fascinating what these guys have done.  It’s based on using a stylus and tablet approach.  There is a 6+ minute video demonstration of this on YouTube, and if you just watch 1-2 minutes of it you’ll get the basic idea.  It’s mesmerizing.




In “real life” I am definately a Piler. I really kind of like this idea. It would take a little while to get used since it seems a little more labor intensive than my real life piling. I can’t believe that someone would try to come up with a computer program that would work for pilers. We are generally seen as “less” organized. I bet I can find a document faster in my piles than you can find the same document in your files! 🙂


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