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Boxes Full of Air

One of the funniest things I see in offices is many linear feet of neatly lined-up rows of software boxes on shelves. Photoshop, QuickBooks, flight simulators, pretty much any and every kind of software and game. Open the boxes and they are often empty! Boxes full of air, taking up valuable storage space. Why is this?… Read more »

Digital Spring Cleaning

Along with your patio furniture, window screens, and seasonal clothing…your hard drive needs attention too! Larger portions of our lives are increasingly spent in the digital world and we've got to think about streamlining that information. A survey just done by Microsoft showed that 60% of us sometimes think our online lives are more disorganized than… Read more »

The Buzz about ActiveWords

I am always saying that I am organized because I am lazy– I don't want to do things the hard way! This week I got to catch up with my friend Buzz Bruggeman, the tireless evangelist for ActiveWords software. If ActiveWords was not around, I think I would have to invent it. It is basically… Read more »

Stop Printing, Signing & Faxing- Use Digital Signatures

Most people are familiar with Adobe's PDF universal document format and have the free Adobe Reader that enables you to read them. Some people have Adobe Acrobat Professional software, and that enables you to do much more with the creation and editing of PDF files. PDFs are great because they basically "freeze" the text and… Read more »

Organize Your Web Favorites & Get There Quick!

I have been enjoying creating some customer service training videos recently for my company, and I realized that I could also make some fun stuff for my readers and Clutter Diet members! Today I am featuring a lesson on how to make handy buttons on your Internet Explorer toolbar that allow you one-click access to… Read more »

It Was Lost and Now It’s Found

If you have a cluttered environment (or if you have teenagers) it can be easy to lose things in your home.  Many people now have dispensed with land lines in their homes and rely only on a cellular phone. So what happens if you lose your cell phone in your house and you don’t have… Read more »

Shredding: Not Just for Papers

I have a client who receives large amounts of highly confidential information in CD and DVD format. She uploads the information to her own hard drive, but then she cannot just throw the CD in the trashcan. Have you ever tried breaking a CD? It shatters and splinters and it’s kind of dangerous. It’s easy… Read more »

National Clean Out Your Computer Day 2/12/08

Yes, it’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day on Tuesday of this week! It’s a great day to take a few minutes to streamline your virtual workspace. Here are my top five pointers: I don’t believe in spending too much time deleting old files. Memory space is cheap, certainly cheaper than the value of your… Read more »

Organize Your Book Collection-Virtually

Book lovers take heed! Since at Christmas time we often talk about a few of our "favorite things," I wanted to share this website with you where I have spent way too much time playing. (logo screenshot from their site) You can organize your book collection at, where you can also give reviews to… Read more »

Cooler than Cool- Google SMS

Did you know that you can get tons of information sent to you instantly on your cell phone by text messaging Google? I am absolutely blown away by this free service! And you do NOT have to have a web browser on your phone. You just send a text message to 466453 (spells Google on… Read more »

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