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Mo-o-o-om! What’s my Password?

It’s about that time of the summer… the novelty of being out of school has worn off, the kids might have returned from summer camp, and they are… (GASP)… BORED! If they are on the computer and logging in to their favorite (safe) websites to pass the time, they might be starting to grapple with… Read more »

7 Useful Folder Categories You Might Not Be Using

Filing is typically a fairly personal thing, varying because of how people's brains work differently and the fact that people have unique experiences and memories and triggers. There are some standard file folder label names that almost everybody has in their file drawers, like "Bank Statements" or "Medical Insurance," but here are a few practical… Read more »

Shred or Be Sorry: A Cautionary Tale

My sons are working this summer for our city's public works department, and they were helping with an "illegal dumping" incident this week that reminded me of how people need to be careful with their personal information! Apparently a tanning salon has gone out of business, and they dumped a huge bunch of papers and… Read more »

How My Kindle Reduces Clutter, Saves Time & Keeps Me Slim

I am a Kindle fanatic, let's just get that out there. I am also an avid reader from way back…I taught myself how to juggle and do calligraphy from reading books when I was a kid. I LOVE BOOKS. So like many fellow bookworms, I did not expect to love the Kindle because it didn't… Read more »

15 Tips for Managing Inbox Obesity

Wednesday night we had our monthly members-only Q&A call, and there was a lot of talk about e-mail. While the Clutter Diet® program itself is really not for the workplace, I have done productivity work with clients for years in companies large and small, and it's something we all deal with to varying degrees. I… Read more »

Top Ten Tips for Paying Your Bills Efficiently

It's National Pay Your Bills Week (3rd week in February). I think this means we get to eat cupcakes while we are writing checks this week.  đŸ™‚ Given the current economic climate, this subject is more important than ever! You really want to get this process down to avoid late fees and other unnecessary expenses… Read more »

The Biggest Problem in My House

I have two teenage sons, ages 14 and 16. They are wonderful kids, they never get into any serious trouble, and they have nice friends. The problem is the Technology Tether. The kids are upstairs, we are downstairs… They are on the X-Box or the computer at every available opportunity. I carry the torch for… Read more »

It’s Not IF Your Hard Drive Will Fail, It’s WHEN…

I do love technology for its amazing productivity gains, but just like a child or a pet, it does annoy you at times and take up a lot of your time in a frustrating way. Always trying to help, I have chronicled anything I have learned about that frustration over the years here on my… Read more »

Lorie’s Favorite Things 2009 (Geek Edition)

Last year I did a holiday "Favorite Things" list, kind of like Oprah does, except that I cannot possibly put these things under your chairs for all of you. (Here is the link for last year's list.) I thought it was so much fun, I wanted to do it again. These items may not necessarily be for organizing– they are… Read more »

Are You Paying Attention? Partially?

BlackBerry prayer n. n. The head-down, slightly hunched position that is characteristic of a person using a BlackBerry or similar device. (from WordSpy site) So, have you gotten Blackberry religion yet? I bet you know lots of people who have. According to WordSpy, Microsoft researcher Linda Stone coined the phrase "CONTINUOUS PARTIAL ATTENTION" (CPA) in… Read more »

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