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Find Your Stuff!

Well, here’s a nifty little gadget:  The Loc8tor.  It works on the same concept as your cordless land line phone’s paging feature.

You attach little signal tags to the stuff you might normally lose, like remote controls, keys, wallets, cell phones, even pets or kids (no kidding!).  If you don’t know where they are, you get out the main device and search.  The handheld unit guides you directionally with audio and video cues to within 1 INCH of your lost item, with a 600 foot range!

This is just fantastic, because they’ve made these signal tags small enough to be feasible.  There has been a product like this for a while from Sharper Image and I tested it, and it didn’t work like I expected, plus the tags were pretty big and obtrusive.  I would not have wanted them to weigh down my keychain, for example.  Here’s a link to the Sharper Image one so you can see what I mean.  It’s much less expensive (about $50 compared to Loc8tor’s $100-200 range) and it might meet your needs, so you can check it out.


John Trosko

Hi Lorie!
I am really impressed with your new site, and the Clutter Diet. Such a fantastic idea and I know based on my experience at Conference with you, that you’ll succeed. Breaking down all the tasks into managable tidbits is so effective, I might even sign up for your system!
All the best,
– John


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