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The iPod Revolution– Organize Your Music!

I just have to write an ode to my favorite gadget, the iPod. I took a trip this weekend to get away and do some writing, and I just marveled once again at how I had my entire music collection clipped to my waistband. I was able to enjoy anything I wanted without having to worry about which CDs to pack.

For those of you who haven’t converted over, just do it! I am sorry for every second I wasted wondering if I should buy one. I also tried another MP3 player before I got my iPod– it was the Dell DJ. I am pretty faithful to Dell since I live in Austin, but sorry, Michael– the iPod is just a far superior design.

Some people have gotten iPods but haven’t experimented yet with Playlists– this is one of my favorite things. Imagine all of the music you associate with a certain mood organized into a list that you can play anytime you want. I have a Playlist called "Retreat." I have put all of the cool women artists in that list that make me feel relaxed, empowered, and introspective: Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, Sarah McLaughlin, Joss Stone, and Sheryl Crow, just to name a few. I also have a Playlist for when I feel like dancing, and several others.

Please comment on your favorite iPod tricks, your Playlists, etc!

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Jerri Lyn

One of my favorite playlists is “Sing-along”. I also have a “Driving” one and the life-saving “Kids Music You Don’t Get Sick Of.”
If you haven’t already, make sure you behold the power of the Smart Playlist. As I add new songs, I “tag” them in the Grouping section of the song information section. Now I can stop wondering if I added a certain song to a certain playlist.
iPods are awesome!


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