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Find Stuff on Your Hard Drive!

Do you ever look for something in your e-mail or document folders and just can’t remember what you called it or where you put it?  You need "desktop search" software… it allows you to quickly do a FULL TEXT SEARCH of your own hard drive and find what you want, even if you can only remember a word or phrase inside the document and not the title. I have tried a bunch of desktop search applications, such as Enfish/Easy Reach, X1, and Google Desktop.  Most of them are really good but they often slow down the machine and cause other issues.  I recently found out that Windows created their own desktop search function, "Windows Desktop."  I am a big fan, because it’s simple and easy to use and it doesn’t slow things down.   

You can download Windows Desktop by clicking here to choose the version that is best for you.  Click the thumbnails below of these screenshots I took to see more about how it works.  They are screenshots of me searching on my own hard drive for the phrase "Container Store." Try it– it saves a bunch of time!


Desktop3 Desktop2 

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Sarah Kimmel

For this very reason I love Windows Vista! Also Outlook 2007. Even programs are sooo easy to find, you just click the start button and start typing the name of the program and BAM there it is! No more searching through a long start menu to find a program! Vista RULES!


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