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Five Websites I Find Essential in My Work

I’ve been tagged! My colleague Ariane Benefit from the Neat & Simple Living Blog has tagged me to share 5 of the websites I find useful in my work. It’s hard to narrow it down, as you may remember from yesterday that I have over 700 bookmarks! I am trying to strike a balance between what I use for client work and what we use to run our office here. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. My friends at have an amazing selection of products and I like using their site for product research. I often refer our Clutter Diet members to them.
  2. Container Store: I use their site for a lot of product research too. As you may remember, I was recently saying that they are pretty much the Organizers’ Mecca.
  3. US Postal Service’s Click & Ship: We ship out a lot of product orders, samples, and other packages here at our office, and we LOVE printing out our postage as needed using this site. We also use their free carrier pickup service all the time. It saves us a ton of time over going to the post office in person. There is a lot more to this– I wrote a post about this last year around the holidays.
  4. (TIE) and Visual Thesaurus: Nowadays I spend a lot of my time writing, so I am constantly going to these "thesauri" (I looked that up) to make sure I provide the right nuance to what I am saying. The Visual Thesaurus is quite amazing—you can drag it around and click to expand it, etc. Very fun to play with.
  5. This year I have been writing as a guest contributor for Lifehack, named one of the top 50 productivity blogs (See a list of the articles I wrote on the bottom left column of my blog page). I read it almost every day and get lots of fresh ideas and insights from it.

Now I have to tag five other people to share their 5 useful websites (let’s make a new rule—nobody says normal ones like Google anymore):

  1. Susan Sabo: Productivity Café
  2. Clyde Lerner: TechMischief
  3. Buzz Bruggeman: Buzznovation
  4. Stacey Kannenberg: Cedar Valley Publishing
  5. Patty Kreamer: Making Life Simple…Again

You’re IT!

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