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Time Management

The Gift of Time: Be SUPER-Early!

I can’t stand sitting in traffic–the waste of time is just colossal.  Our local chapter of NAPO changed from meeting on Saturday afternoons to now meeting at 6:30 in the evening. I live far south, and the meeting is far north, and that means the commute there is right in the middle of rush hour,… Read more »

Who Me? Organized?

One of our alert Clutter Diet members found this great calendar called the "Whomi," as in "Who me? Organized?"  It allows busy moms to organize the schedules of multiple family members in one place. I love this idea!  It’s color-coded and you can just see everyone’s whereabouts at a glance.  It even has a special… Read more »

Got an Idea? “Jott” it down!

Are you a person who needs help organizing ideas and all of the random thoughts that you get when driving or somewhere else?  Could you benefit from having a way to reach multiple people with just one phone call?  JOTT is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.  By calling just one… Read more »

National TV Turnoff Week, April 23-29, 2007

As Professional Organizers, people often complain to us that they do not have time to get organized.  Yet, according to Nielson figures from 2006, the average American spends 4 hours and 35 minutes per day watching television!  That is over 32 hours a week! Imagine the clutter you could conquer, the hobbies you could pursue,… Read more »

Are You Doing Empty Calorie Tasks?

Getting your time more organized and using it efficiently is so much about doing first things first.  I found an excellent post by Scott Young on how the concept of "empty calories" applies not only to our eating habits, but to our life habits. Here’s a bit of it for you to enjoy: Empty calories… Read more »

Dates and Times Simplified!

When planning and organizing, sometimes you need to look at dates and times in a different way.  Just today I really needed to know how many days there were between today and the end of the year, so instead of tediously counting them myself, I went to a favorite site of mine,  This site… Read more »

How to Clone Yourself!

Delegating tasks to someone else is a great way to get some of your time back.  Organizing and managing your home means that you have a lot of little things that have to get done, and when are you going to do those?  Hiring a personal assistant is a great way to reclaim a few… Read more »

Just Say NO!

Organizing your time has a lot to do with making decisions and getting clear on what you do and don’t want to do.  Many people have trouble saying "NO" to requests because of guilt, obligation, or embarrassment.  There is a great article in this week’s Time Magazine about William Ury’s book The Power of a… Read more »

How Old is that Spaghetti Sauce??

What a nifty little gadget! I bet there are probably thousands of uses for this.  These are "Days Ago" digital day timers, which are available in both suction cup and magnetized versions, and they answer the question of "How many days ago did I (fill in the blank)?"  You can use it for seeing how… Read more »

Sign Up for Free Nagging

Drink more water!  Call your mother!  Eat more vegetables!  HassleMe is a service that will e-mail you a nagging message at irregular intervals to help you make positive changes in your habits.  You can tell it to remind you to do whatever you like.  I love this idea! Getting organized is all about changing habits. … Read more »

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