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Time Management

Time Yourself with Your iPod!

I am always telling people to time themselves doing tasks they don’t like, so you can be more aware of time in general and even conquer procrastination (read my recent post about this here). Sometimes you might want to time yourself because you need to have a limit on that activity and you need to… Read more »

Time Yourself- Ready, Set, GO!

I am always telling people to time themselves doing tasks they don’t like. For example, if you time yourself folding a load of laundry, you’ll find it takes only about 3 minutes. Knowing this makes it easier to conquer procrastination! It can also be good to time yourself if you are writing procedures or figuring… Read more »

How Will You Use Your Extra Hour?

In most of the US and Canada, we will be getting an extra hour of time next weekend, Sunday, November 4th.  Because of Daylight Savings Time, we’ll be "falling back" and gaining one hour… What will you do with your extra hour? Sleep? Read? Exercise? What would you do if you had an extra hour… Read more »

Declutter Your Schedule by Getting HELP!

One thing many of our clients have in common is the need to outsource services. They have way too much to do, and in order to manage their time and their lives, they need child care, pet care, senior care, and other services.  I have just run into a brand new service online that matches… Read more »

Blocks of Free Time… Literally

Yesterday I went with my boys to the Blanton Museum of Art here at the University of Texas.  It is a wonderful place, just opened last year.  The work of art that struck me the most was "2244 Modulos" by Isabel del Rio of Santiago, Chile.  My camera phone photo is here, but click here… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Send Yourself a Reminder!

OK, this is a very cool new toy… Go to where you can send a free text message to yourself (or someone else) for now or anytime in the future!  Imagine reminding your spouse to pick up some eggs at the store this afternoon and setting it up in the morning right after you… Read more »

Work/Life FIT, not Balance!

Yesterday I attended the Texas Conference for Women here in Austin.  I heard some amazing speakers like Carly Fiorina and Elizabeth Vargas of ABC.  One person I met there was Cali Williams Yost, the president of Work Life Fit, and a blogger extraordinaire.  She is an expert on what people usually call "work/life balance" and… Read more »

How Baking Cookies Relates to Procrastination

In computer data processing, there are batch processes and there are continuous processes… stay with me for a second… for example, if a server collects a bunch of e-mails over a few hours and sends them all out at once, that is batching.  But if the server sends out each e-mail right as it comes… Read more »

Low-Effort, High-Reward Tips

Today I was in the Austin American-Statesman’s new "Life Guide" column, by Sarah Lindner. Click here for 17 time-saving tips from me, Jay White of, and life coach Celeste Hamman. Here is a portion to get you started: Don’t underestimate the power of these small steps. "Implementing one or two of these items would… Read more »

Losing “Wait”

For everyone out there who is trying to save some time, Sprint has put out a new website called "" that gives little tips and tricks to save time and stop waiting around for things in life.  Here are the things they list on their site, with little video demonstrations of each: Speed-tie your shoes… Read more »

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