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How to Clone Yourself!

Tiredmom2Delegating tasks to someone else is a great way to get some of your time back.  Organizing and managing your home means that you have a lot of little things that have to get done, and when are you going to do those?  Hiring a personal assistant is a great way to reclaim a few hours per week, and if you think you can’t have one, think again!  It’s much more simple and affordable than you think!

I just wrote this article in my role as a regular weekly contributor to, a website dedicated to living life more productively in all areas.  In it I cover how to find someone to help you, how to pay them, and what to do about the dreaded "nanny tax" situation.  Click here to read the full article.  I do this myself — I have a college student who comes over once a week to do all of my errands, and it saves me at least 2 hours of my time– and I have a much cleaner car too! 

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