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Got an Idea? “Jott” it down!

JottAre you a person who needs help organizing ideas and all of the random thoughts that you get when driving or somewhere else?  Could you benefit from having a way to reach multiple people with just one phone call? 

JOTT is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.  By calling just one phone number and speaking a message into the phone, you can have a transcription of that message delivered as an e-mail and/or text message to whomever you choose, even yourself. (speech-to-text)

Here is a scenario:  You need to switch the carpool arrangements and you want to contact everyone in the carpool list to ask who can substitute on your day.  You are in traffic when you realize this, but with Jott, you can easily handle this while sitting idle on a freeway.  You just call the toll-free Jott number, say "Carpool," and speak your message into the phone.  A few minutes later everyone has your written request in their e-mail inboxes. 

You can also leave messages for yourself, which is my favorite way to use Jott.  I do think of ideas often while I am out of the office, and I can just speak my ideas into the phone and they will show up in my inbox later.

They do use actual human transcribers to do this, so you would not want to put your secret plans on there to take over the world.  This service is FREE, so I am assuming at some point they will charge you for numbers of Jotts per month or something–?  Not sure.  Right now I am just loving it.

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Passing this along – Jott – Mobile note-taking and hands-free messaging

Jott is a free service that allows you to call a toll-free phone number, speak a message, and have that message transcribed e-mailed to yourself and/or others. You can set up keywords to identify the groups or individuals you want


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