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Are You Doing Empty Calorie Tasks?

Donutwithsprinkles2Getting your time more organized and using it efficiently is so much about doing first things first.  I found an excellent post by Scott Young on how the concept of "empty calories" applies not only to our eating habits, but to our life habits. Here’s a bit of it for you to enjoy:

Empty calories aren’t just in our food, they are in our lives. Empty calories are all those tasks that make you feel productive even though you aren’t contributing any value. Empty calories are those hours in front of the television to let you feel entertained, even though you are watching reruns. Empty calories are in the running shoes you buy instead of jogging and the investment books you read instead of saving. Empty calories give you the feeling, but not the nutrition.

I can definitely relate to this idea.  How many times have we shuffled papers around or answered non-urgent e-mails in an attempt to feel like we’ve been productive, all the while knowing that we should have been finishing something important?  Food for thought!  (pun intended)

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