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Lunch-Making Logic for Better Brown Bagging

We all know that packing lunches is a great way to save money, and you can save time for yourself, too, by not driving somewhere else during the work day. For efficient brown-bagging, you want to consider three things– tools, process, and the food itself. Read this week's Good Housekeeping Home Style Blog. for tools,… Read more »

Kids and Clutter: What to Teach Them About Organizing

Our children bring much joy to our lives, but it’s hard to focus on that when you just stepped on another Lego with bare feet. Kids are the cause of much of our homes’ clutter, so what can we do to prevent some of that, or at least feel better about how we’re preparing them… Read more »

How to Fix Clutter Trouble Spots for Good!

Do you have a clutter trouble spot in your home? Of course you do. Even the best-kept home will always have one or two trouble spots… Even being a professional organizer like me does not mean that you won't have something that always bothers you to some degree! The good news is that the majority… Read more »

Get Organized to Make Summer a Breeze!

Activities,vacations and chores- oh my! Summer is fun but it needs its own systems and routines to work best.   Click here for some suggestions for a sensational summer with less stress on Good Housekeeping's Home Style blog. Follow me on Twitter for my Daily #ClutterTweetTip, "Like" us on Facebook, and see our weekly #ClutterVideoTip… Read more »

How to Efficiently Pack a GREEN Lunch

A green lunch? Eww! I do not like green lunches, I do not like them, Sam-I-Am! Well, I mean green as in Earth Day! We all know that bringing a lunch with you to work or sending kids to school with a lunch is an outstanding way to save money and eat more healthfully. But… Read more »

The Day of Reckoning! How to Make Progress Fast

Many people are off for the holidays starting this week, and sometimes they are home looking around wishing they felt a little more relaxed in that environment. Here's a quick way to make some progress while everyone's around to help. Periodically, we have around here what I refer to as a "Day of Reckoning." Things… Read more »

Do You Have a “Destination Station” in Your Home?

Where do you enter and exit your home most often? That door should be near to what we call a "Destination Station." It's a place for your purse, your briefcase, your keys, your chargers, your sunglasses, and kids' backpacks and gear– right where you need it most. I want to show off another one of… Read more »

Don’t Put It Off: Fight Procrastination NOW!

A couple of things to remind you of… first, before I put it off any longer, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Sept. 1) is "Fight Procrastination Day!" What dreaded task can you commit to doing? USA readers have a long weekend coming up for Labor Day– here's my big question to you:… Read more »

What Are Your “Back to School Resolutions?”

One of our Clutter Diet members posted this yesterday in our member message boards:  "The new school year to me is like setting new year's resolutions." Yes, it is! It's a fresh start, just like a brand new calendar year. What will you do differently? Here are some suggestions of small things you can change… Read more »

Bored with Disorganized Board Games?

We see a lot of homes with stacks of board game clutter… broken game boxes, pieces scattered around or missing, and other problems like mixed up money. I was just playing Monopoly this weekend with my kids and was inspired to tell you about some of the ways we organize board games… Sometimes all you… Read more »

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