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Mo-o-o-om! What’s my Password?

It’s about that time of the summer… the novelty of being out of school has worn off, the kids might have returned from summer camp, and they are… (GASP)… BORED! If they are on the computer and logging in to their favorite (safe) websites to pass the time, they might be starting to grapple with… Read more »

Summerize the House for Kids

It's summertime again, and that means for many of you, the kids are out of school and probably underfoot a little more than usual– in a good way! It's wonderful to spend more time together as a family, but there are challenges that come with the togetherness, usually related to the common areas of the… Read more »

Keeping It For The Kids

Last weekend I met someone who told me that she has enough stuff in her attic to furnish a 3-bedroom house, no exaggeration. She has been storing it for decades "for her kids." The items she saved were things that the children loved and enjoyed when they were growing up, including toys, sports equipment, and… Read more »

Messy Kids & Spouse? Help is On the Way!

Exciting news! Many of our Clutter DietĀ® members talk with us about how their families ruin their organizing efforts. I just read that there is a new pharmaceutical option that will likely be available in April 2011– yes, you heard that right, a drug! The name is AssistrinĀ®, and you'll soon be able to get… Read more »

The Biggest Problem in My House

I have two teenage sons, ages 14 and 16. They are wonderful kids, they never get into any serious trouble, and they have nice friends. The problem is the Technology Tether. The kids are upstairs, we are downstairs… They are on the X-Box or the computer at every available opportunity. I carry the torch for… Read more »

We’re Back to School… Now What?

Each year there is a lot of focus on getting ready to go back to school… preparations, pre-work. Certainly there are many things that need to get done before you start, such as buying new clothes and shoes and filling out forms. But in my opinion, the first week or two of school actually being in… Read more »

Are You Ready for the Summer?

Many of our readers have kids, as do I, and we're about to have a big shift once again from school time to summertime. Are you ready for it? Here are some things to think about: Getting Away from It All: Have you asked off time from work? Do you have travel arrangements made for… Read more »

Back-to-School Countdown

Last Sunday the Austin American-Statesman‘s Life Guide columnist, Sarah Lindner, featured a story about my 3-week Back-to-School Countdown, and it’s been very well-received by the Austin moms out there! We followed up the article with a live chat event on Tuesday (click here if you want to read the chat transcript, which expands on the… Read more »

Organize Your Happy Campers

It’s time for summer camps again… and you, the parents, will be packing for a week! I have been astonished how much time it takes to gather the supplies, label everything, and pack it up as instructed (in the right trunk that is the right size they specify!). My kids did not go this year,… Read more »

Tired of Toy Clutter? Rent Instead of Buying!

This very enterprising mom in Houston created a new business that people are calling the "Netflix for kids." It’s at In just the same way that you can rent movies and even handbags online now, you can sign up for a monthly subscription plan for either 4 or 6 toys to be mailed to… Read more »

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