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Got Messy Teenagers?

Our Clutter Diet member message boards have been discussing organizing with teenagers lately. Since I have two teenage boys of my own, I got inspired to write this article, "Six Critical Factors You Must Understand to Organize with Teens." It’s not just about the academics of teaching kids organizing concepts. I have identified these six… Read more »

Get the Lead Out!

This week I traveled to Philadelphia to tape a news segment for NBC 10 on how to go through your children’s toys and organize them in light of the recent lead paint toy recalls. It’s the perfect time to organize your toys because it’s just before the holiday season, and you can make room for… Read more »

Bored with Disorganized Board Games?

We see a lot of homes with stacks of board game clutter… broken game boxes, pieces scattered around or missing, and other problems like mixed up money.  I was just playing Monopoly this weekend with my kids and was inspired to tell you about some of the ways we organize board games… Sometimes all you… Read more »

Babyproof Your Marriage!

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with Cathy O’Neill, one of the authors of Babyproofing Your Marriage.  It’s a fascinating subject– what happens to a couple once children enter the picture?  Sadly, so many marriages split up because they cannot handle the changes that occur.  One of the things that occurred to me… Read more »

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