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Messy Kids & Spouse? Help is On the Way!

Familyhelping2 Exciting news! Many of our Clutter Diet® members talk with us about how their families ruin their organizing efforts. I just read that there is a new pharmaceutical option that will likely be available in April 2011– yes, you heard that right, a drug! The name is Assistrin®, and you'll soon be able to get at least a few hours a day of cooperation and help.

Taking Assistrin® will provide children 3-4 hours per day in which they will more easily notice work that needs to be done and will cheerfully take care of whatever is age-appropriate for them to do. In adults, the drug also brings out the ability to direct the activities of others, so if your spouse takes his or her dose at the same time as others in the family, he or she can help direct the rest of the family's efforts. (Unfortunately you'll need to choose whether school, work, or home is the best place to get that 3-4 hours of cooperation– maybe they will be able to extend the effectiveness in the future with time-release dosing methods.)

It looks like it will be about a year before this fabulous drug hits the market, so we'll be starting a countdown! It looks like the target date is… April Fools Day…

APRIL FOOLS.  Keep dreaming!  🙂

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