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Stop Living With It and Fix It!

I just got a new phone this week (a Samsung Galaxy S III Android, if you must know), and it is heavenly. I had an Android phone before that was over 2 years old, and it had run out of memory. I use my phone constantly for business and travel, so this was not good…. Read more »

Home Repairs: Why Haven’t You Just FIXED IT Already?

   True confession: Repeatedly for months, I was opening my back door to the deck outside and looking at the metal weather-stripping that was sticking out, thinking, "Huh, someone should really fix that." And nobody ever did, until we had a party recently. When I saw the ugly door facing through my future guests' eyes,… Read more »

More Efficient Errands Save Fuel, Time and Stress!

Anybody want to spend less time in your car? ME! I think about this constantly. How can I get something delivered or consolidate errands or eliminate the task altogether? Well, I got my wish last week when my car completely broke down! Having no car at the moment is making me appreciate the daily reliability… Read more »

My Brain Needs a Defrag

When your computer hard drive slows down, you can run a defragmentation utility on it, rearranging the pieces of its memory to make it work better again. Sure wish you could do that for your brain! I've been traveling a lot recently and have had several projects going at once, along with everything that I… Read more »

Messy Kids & Spouse? Help is On the Way!

Exciting news! Many of our Clutter DietĀ® members talk with us about how their families ruin their organizing efforts. I just read that there is a new pharmaceutical option that will likely be available in April 2011– yes, you heard that right, a drug! The name is AssistrinĀ®, and you'll soon be able to get… Read more »

I Thought YOU Were Going to Do It!

It's a familiar song in many households… "I thought you were going to clean up the dishes!" "Well, I thought YOU were supposed to do it!" Does this sound familiar? If you are a regular reader, you'll probably know that I talk about organizing in terms of Prevention, Reduction, and Maintenance– just like weight loss…. Read more »

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