Closed September 2017

More Efficient Errands Save Fuel, Time and Stress!

SUV2 Anybody want to spend less time in your car? ME! I think about this constantly. How can I get something delivered or consolidate errands or eliminate the task altogether?

Well, I got my wish last week when my car completely broke down! Having no car at the moment is making me appreciate the daily reliability of being able to run those dreaded errands. I am buying a new car right now and looking for the most fuel-efficient one I can get (probably a hybrid).

I just wrote this article for Allstate's online community called "Car Organizing Tips for Efficient Errands and Cleaner Cars," in which I shared 11 strategies for reducing your time in the car, saving gas (and money), and keeping your car cleaner in the process. I hope you enjoy the article!

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