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Kids and Clutter: What to Teach Them About Organizing

Shutterstock_3055780 Our children bring much joy to our lives, but it’s hard to focus on that when you just stepped on another Lego with bare feet. Kids are the cause of much of our homes’ clutter, so what can we do to prevent some of that, or at least feel better about how we’re preparing them for their own adult lives? Find out in this week’s Good Housekeeping Home Style Blog.

What are your favorite organizing lessons with your kids? Share in the comments!



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Like so many families, we are busy all day long. Routines in our house help to keep things sane.
When our kids were very young, we organized 5 outfits for the week in a set of fabric shelves in their closet. Now they do it for themselves. This avoids morning confusion in trying to find a school-friendly outfit.
Evenings in our house mean getting backpacks ready for the morning. I teach elementary school and I can’t tell you how many kids come to school without what they need. My own kids now see the value in putting homework immediately in their backpack when it’s done, and getting permission slips or money for school in place the night before.
Helping them to develop a good morning and evening routines helps us everyday, and hopefully, will continue to help them as adults.


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