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Smart Furniture

Our organizer Laura found this website last week: This photo is from their website. They make customized shelving units and other pieces for both residential and commercial purposes– very clever!  It’s a modular system that you can configure the way you want, with the finishes you want, etc.  Particularly great for bookshelves and other… Read more »

Let’s Talk Drawer Dividers

In our work as Professional Organizers, we use drawer dividers probably more than any other profession on the planet!  Luckily, retailers have caught on to the different needs and preferences in this niche, and there is now a great selection of different options. You always want to measure your drawer(s) before going out to purchase… Read more »

Organized Giving- $416,000 Worth!

I just helped give away $416,000 tonight!  This is not exactly organizing-related, but I must share with my readers the amazing and invigorating experience I have had being involved for 2 years with Impact Austin, a women’s philanthropy group. Each member gives $1000 and every penny of that money goes toward our grants for local… Read more »

How to Get More Storage Space for about $70

If you have an attic, crawl space, basement or other area where there is potential storage but it’s very hard to access, this new organizing product may solve your problems.  The Attic Trac system enables you to store items on a platform between rafters or in other narrow areas and simply slide them out when… Read more »

Form Follows Function

Clutter aside, you just want your home to look good… once you’ve gotten organized you may also want to spend some energy prettying up the place!  Many of us don’t need a full-on interior designer, so I am delighted to tell you about an emerging trend called "interior redesign," also referred to as "one-day decorating."… Read more »

Funkify Your IKEA Stuff

Apologies– something very strange happened to this post and it was duplicated and I had to fix it– sorry if you have already read this!– Getting organized is easier at IKEA… the prices are very affordable and their designs are amazing and innovative.  What’s fun is that you can usually use their things in many… Read more »

Check us out in American Way magazine

Just wanted to tell everyone that we were in American Way magazine this month (American Airlines inflight magazine)!  They interviewed me for tax tips to get ready for next year. You can read the article here. It was fun to travel last week with this magazine in all the seat pockets.  🙂

NAPO Conference Wrap-Up

I was gone all last week to the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) conference in Minneapolis, and I wanted to say a few words to wrap that up.  Imagine about 900 Professional Organizers all in one place!  One of my friends was analyzing the slow breakfast buffet line and figuring out workflow processes to… Read more »

NAPO Conference Fun Stuff

I am here learning more about the latest in the organizing industry at the NAPO conference in Minneapolis, and I have seen some GREAT fun things here!  My favorite product so far: Intelliscanner, which allows you to create a home inventory or library using a little keychain scanner.  So fun!  You can scan anything with… Read more »

Can You Be TOO Organized?

Being a Professional Organizer, people constantly ask me if my house is "perfect." Well, it certainly is not, but it’s generally free from clutter the majority of the time and things tend to function very well.  It does not look like a magazine photo! There is such a thing as being TOO organized, and striving… Read more »

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