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Five Common Working-At-Home Problems– Solved!

Getting organized and working effectively in a home office is challenging.  There are many great benefits to working from home, but even if you are super-organized, you may still have these difficulties: Noise and privacy problems Need for multiple people to have access to your home Blurring of the lines between work and personal life… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Time

As a Professional Organizer, many people ask me to write and speak about "Spring Cleaning."  As a rule, organizers deal with clutter, not really with dirt… but I am happy to help with some advice on how to use your springtime inspiration to declutter and streamline your home! I just wrote an article for… Read more »

Take My Stuff… Please!

Ever dreamed of just walking away from all of the clutter?  This woman in Minnesota is selling virtually everything she owns on eBay.  She has a reserve price of $2000 set as a minimum for everything, which includes a futon, record albums, and pretty much everything but her dog and cat. As she says in… Read more »

Cheap Storage Containers!

Many people may not know that clutter can be contained very inexpensively in the new BIG Ziploc bags that came out in the last few years.  You may not be able to find them at your grocery store, but a home improvement center or discount store will probably carry them.  You can organize linens and… Read more »

You Should Probably Be Decisive, I Think

When I speak I always tell my audiences that if they could remember just one thing about getting organized, they should remember this:  BE DECISIVE. Clutter, whether it’s on your desk or on your kitchen table, almost always represents decisions that have not been made.  Have you ever heard yourself say, "I will put it… Read more »

Retail Therapy from Retail Therapists?

Professional organizers can often feel like we are walking a thin line between helping with clutter and being a substitute therapist for our clients.  Getting organized can sometimes relate to some "issues" in your life; for example, we often notice that our clients’ homes can be roughly a projection of how they are feeling personally. … Read more »

Pretend Like You’re Moving!

When people move around frequently, it's easier to keep things pared down and organized, but when you have stayed put for several years, things do tend to accumulate!  To keep the clutter to a minimum, a friend told me about her strategy:  Pretend that you're moving out of each room, one at a time. She… Read more »

Are You Chronically Disorganized?

Many people don’t realize that there are two basic types of disorganization:  Situational and Chronic.  Situational disorganization occurs as a result of a life event that temporarily causes existing systems to become obsolete.  Examples of these life events are moving, having a new baby, losing a job, getting a new job, retirement, divorce, or loss… Read more »

Get Some Weeding Done

This last week of March is National Clutter Awareness Week.  I was thinking about that this morning while I was outside weeding dandelions in my front yard.  You could certainly compare decluttering to weeding your yard… keeping the good plants and getting rid of the ones that obviously need to go.  Have you ever noticed… Read more »

Micro- Vs. Macro-Organizing: First Things First!

Getting your home organized, just like anything else, can be done on both micro (tiny details) and macro (bigger picture) levels.  This week one of our clients had a lot of organizing work to be done in a short amount of time.  While working with us she found several boxes of memorabilia, and she wanted… Read more »

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