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Take My Stuff… Please!

Cheapjunksign2Ever dreamed of just walking away from all of the clutter?  This woman in Minnesota is selling virtually everything she owns on eBay.  She has a reserve price of $2000 set as a minimum for everything, which includes a futon, record albums, and pretty much everything but her dog and cat.

As she says in the article, "I’ve been schlepping this stuff across the country for more than 20 years. I’m tired of thinking: ‘Oh my God, what if it breaks in the next move?’ Who cares? I think it will almost be scary how liberating it will be."

You don’t have to be this extreme, but you too can get liberation by just making decisions about your own "Stuff."  You should use and love what you have– it should not "own you." 

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Mary Richmond

I can relate! This made me laugh–I am moving out of a studio/retail shop, helping my daughter and her family move, cleaning out my mom’s house (which we have avoided the last 6 years because my step dad still lived there but now that he has passed away we can’t stall anymore!)and also moving myself in about 2 months….and well, there’s a lot of STUFF….most of which is not worth much. I probably won’t put it on EBay but a good yard sale will be happening for sure….


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