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You Should Probably Be Decisive, I Think

Signpost2When I speak I always tell my audiences that if they could remember just one thing about getting organized, they should remember this:  BE DECISIVE.

Clutter, whether it’s on your desk or on your kitchen table, almost always represents decisions that have not been made.  Have you ever heard yourself say, "I will put it here FOR NOW?"  Well, that is another decision you are putting off for later.  Should you throw it away?  Where should you put it?  Do you need to keep it at all? 

How long does it take you to pick out a box of cereal at the grocery store, or a movie at the video store?  Do you deliberate over things like what shoes to wear or what to order at a restaurant?  Do people grow impatient and complain about your indecisiveness? 

Usually indecisiveness is based in fear, since it often means you are afraid of making "The Wrong Choice."  What is the worst thing that could happen?  Make a decision this week to work on your decisiveness.  You’ll be better organized and save time for other things.  I think.  I am pretty sure.

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