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Clutter Video Tip: Is Your House Too Small?

Do you feel like your home is too small? Are you trying to keep up with the Jones’s instead of just keeping up with your stuff? Good things really do come in small packages. But you also don’t want to feel like a small fish in a big pond. Watch this video for tips on… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Get Out the Door on Time in the Mornings!

Having no morning routine can leave you feeling rushed, battered and bruised before you even start your commute. Just a little preparation can help you get ready and get out the door intact. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player. Or watch the video at Transcript: Hi. I’m… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Finding Storage in Small Spaces

Do your small living spaces make you feel like you are living in the Temple of Doom? Are you downsizing to a tiny house and wondering how to organize it? Do you feel like you have to raid the lost arc each time you open the cupboards? In this video, I am sharing my downsizing… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Find Hidden Storage… Behind Doors

Do you feel like every inch of your space is being utilized and still there’s not enough? Have you run out of drawers and shelves and counters? Watch this video to see one of my favorite places for storage- doors! This under utilized space will give you more visible, usable space. (Click here to watch… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Purses, Handbags, and Clutches

Mary Poppins knew the importance of a well packed bag. But what happens when you need to switch purses? Watch this video to see the purse organizer and fashion accessories I use with my handbags. If your handbag is not “practically perfect in every way”, following these tips will make changing purses (of any size)… Read more »

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