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Set the Stage for Organizing Success

Want to know an organizing pro's secret for fast sorting? Staging areas! Visibility is truly the goal of any organizing project, whether you're filing papers or organizing a closet or pantry. During the project itself you need to get visibility to be able to make decisions and sort out piles. A staging area is a… Read more »

The Energy to Rethink Feng Shui

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember a post called What do I REALLY think about Feng Shui? I got a lot of response to the article and was approached by Feng Shui experts– sisters and co-creators of Inspired Everyday Living, Alison Forbes and Laura Carlin. Inspired Everyday Living… Read more »

Preparing for Disaster Before It Strikes

I started writing some posts for Allstate several weeks ago, and little did I know how relevant they were about to become! The wildfires here in Texas have given everyone a huge reality check on how natural disasters can affect anyone at any time. This article explains the four elements of preparedness to put into… Read more »

More Efficient Errands Save Fuel, Time and Stress!

Anybody want to spend less time in your car? ME! I think about this constantly. How can I get something delivered or consolidate errands or eliminate the task altogether? Well, I got my wish last week when my car completely broke down! Having no car at the moment is making me appreciate the daily reliability… Read more »

If You Had to Evacuate, What Would You Grab?

Sure, we've always had crazy tornadoes and such here in Central Texas, but the idea of hurried mass evacuations has always been something that happens somewhere else, like to people on the coast. NOT TODAY. Within 30 miles of my own home, hundreds of people have suddenly lost theirs. Over 300 homes were just lost… Read more »

How Getting Organized at Home Saves You Time & Money Every Day

We all know home organization reduces stress and conflict, but best of all, it pays off in real dollars! In this post I wrote for Allstate's Good Hands Community, we'll look at a few areas of your house where you can realize some serious savings. Cha-ching! Follow me on Twitter for my Daily #ClutterTweetTip, "Like"… Read more »

Are You Sabotaging Yourself with Humor?

When our Clutter Diet® members win our monthly Success Stories contest, they get some cool prizes, such as $25 to use in our store and a 30-minute phone consultation. They send us photos to enter, and recently I saw a couple of them with these cute kitschy kitchen signs, some of which were really funny…. Read more »

Organizing Checklists Everyone Should Have — 5 Best Lists

Are you having trouble "keeping it all together?" Anything you do repeatedly can be captured for next time to make processes easier. When you think about it, recipes for the kitchen are really just procedure checklists, and we know how useful those are! Think about all of the processes common to your family where having… Read more »

Get it DONE with our new FREE 7-Day Quickstart Program!

I am so excited! I have been working hard for weeks to implement this new 7-Day Quickstart program, and I am really proud to offer it to you. It's a FREE week of focused guidance from me to help you choose an organizing project, get started, and get it DONE! With the 7-Day Quickstart you… Read more »

3 Laws of Organizing Success

I was so fortunate to spend a weekend recently attending a Brian Tracy seminar in San Diego. He taught us about many natural "laws" that work in our favor if we understand them, and several of them stood out to me as being very relevant to organizing. Here are my three favorites of Brian Tracy's… Read more »

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