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3 Laws of Organizing Success

Mirror2 I was so fortunate to spend a weekend recently attending a Brian Tracy seminar in San Diego. He taught us about many natural "laws" that work in our favor if we understand them, and several of them stood out to me as being very relevant to organizing.

Here are my three favorites of Brian Tracy's Laws (there are many!):

  • The Law of Correspondence:  Brian says, "As within, so without," and "Your outer world is a mirror that reflects what is going on in your inner world." Obviously your home and your surroundings are part of your outer world– are they cluttered and neglected? What could you do to feel more peace? Your first reflex is probably to answer, "Clean everything up and get organized," but consider this: Everything starts with your own thoughts. The inner world helped create this outer world. What thoughts got you where you are today? What thoughts could you change to keep from getting here again?
  • The Law of Control: Brian says, "You feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life." When you feel like demands are pulling you in all directions, you have no time for yourself, and your physical environment is chaotic, you feel very little control. What could you do right now to get more control?
  • The Law of Habit:  Brian says, "In the absence of a specific decision on your part to change some aspect of your life, the natural tendency will be to go on the same way indefinitely. 95% of what we do is habit." You can have habits that move you toward your goals, or away from them. What could you specifically decide to change right now? Staying organized means changing your habits to keep your systems maintained, even little things like hanging your keys up when you walk in the door.

If you're interested in more of these Laws, you can check out Brian Tracy's book, The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success. (Kindle version here) What will you do this week to change your "outer world?" Share in the comments!

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LOVE THIS! Personal change is about you and your control (or willingness to accept the lack of) in your life! Thank you for the reminder!!


Oh how appropriate this is for me! I am constantly fighting a very bad mantra that keeps playing in my head: “I’m stupid, I hate myself …” every time I look at my cluttered disorganized house. Would love some help with this!


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