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Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Purses, Handbags, and Clutches

Mary Poppins knew the importance of a well packed bag. But what happens when you need to switch purses? Watch this video to see the purse organizer and fashion accessories I use with my handbags. If your handbag is not “practically perfect in every way”, following these tips will make changing purses (of any size) a breeze. Finding your keys in the deep recesses of your bag is like a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we are going to talk about organizing your purses, ladies. There’s a lot to talk about with purses, but today I’m going to focus on what’s inside your purse and how to organize that and maintain it.

So let’s think about this in terms of layers. So, you can think about those Russian nesting dolls where one thing is inside another. The first layer is the purse itself. So you have things that you’ve thrown directly into the purse or you’ve put into the purse’s own pockets. And then you have the second layer, which I call modules. These are the pouches and other containers that you’re carrying around inside the purse. And then within the modules, or just in the purse itself, you have the third layer, which is the essentials. So, this is the core of that Russian nesting doll, the things that you cannot leave home without. So, let’s look at this.

So in this purse, I may have thrown in here a reusable shopping bag or a pack of gum or something. But the module, the second layer, is this. So I have this purse organizer that we actually sell in our store, (Update August, 2016: This item is no longer available in our store. Please contact us at for updated information.) but I have my phone here, business cards, credit cards, some snacks, some hand sanitizer. These are things that I’m pretty much going to have in any purse that I carry. These are things that I want with me all the time. And I can easily pull this out of one purse and move it to another purse. So, if you like changing purses you’ll really appreciate that. So, I can just throw that right in here. And now I’m ready to go with another bag.

And then that third layer is the essentials, as I mentioned, and for me I have figured out that this is it. I have my I.D. in here, my frequently used credit cards, so I can grab this and grab my phone and I’m out the door to run a quick errand or whatever I need to do. Also, having thought through this and decided my essentials and made it easy for me to grab, this makes it easy for me to use a smaller purse. So sometimes you have a small purse like this, that I found at Goodwill, and you also may have like a little clutch bag for the evening and this is all you can fit in there. So you’ve got to know what those essentials are and think through these layers for yourself so that you can scale up or down with your purses.

Another thing I’d like to point out is when you do this, you start to realize that everything has a home and I have within this module pockets that I know exactly where to put things back. So, I know where my phone’s going to be, so I can actually dig around in a purse and feel my way to find things that I’m looking for, because I know what pocket they’re supposed to be in.

So also, when you talk about the inside of a purse, you really need to talk about maintenance. So, I think the reason most people’s purses are cluttered is that they don’t have a regular time to clean them out. I’d like to suggest a habit hook – and we have another video about that – but it’s the idea that you have something you’re already doing on a regular basis, let’s say weekly, and that could be something like you’re paying your bills once a week, or you’re taking the garbage out to the curb to be collected, whatever that is you’re already doing. Hook on the habit of cleaning out your purse to that existing habit so that it’s a trigger for you. So for me, I like to clean out my purse when I’m paying my bills, because then I pull all the receipts out that I might need. I can see my checkbook or whatever. And that is a good habit hook for me, but it’s whatever works for you. The reason your purse is cluttered though is that all that stuff has accumulated. Your kids have given you things to carry, you’ve got gum wrappers in there, and all that needs to be gone through.

So if you would like to get one of these purse organizers, as I mentioned, we do have them in our store. This is found at And otherwise I’ll see you next time.

May you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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