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Five Common Working-At-Home Problems– Solved!

Homeoffice3sm_2Getting organized and working effectively in a home office is challenging.  There are many great benefits to working from home, but even if you are super-organized, you may still have these difficulties:

  • Noise and privacy problems
  • Need for multiple people to have access to your home
  • Blurring of the lines between work and personal life
  • Family members messing up your workspace
  • Not having someone to receive deliveries when you’re out

To provide some solutions for these issues, you may enjoy reading this article that I wrote for, a site that helps you do everything better and more efficiently.

If you are considering a work-at-home arrangement, you might also like this other article featured on Lifehack about the pros & cons of working from home (I did not write this one). 

What are your working from home challenges?  What have you done to address these, and where are you stuck? 

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