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Should You Put Your Home on a Diet?

Since we started the Clutter Diet membership site in November 2006, we have tried to have a lot of fun with the analogy between the personal changes of weight loss and getting organized.  One of our favorite ways to play with this analogy is our members’ losing "Clutter-Pounds"(sm). Each week our members "weigh in" with… Read more »

How to Look Like a Model

I have always noticed that builders’ model homes simultaneously attract and repel me, like a wax statue that you know is not real and yet you just can’t help looking.  They seem so lifelike… yet, there is something missing… oh, yes, it’s people!  Actual inhabitants, and their actual stuff.  Syndicated columnist Marni Jameson just wrote… Read more »

Got Collections?

You might imagine in our organizing work that we run into a lot of people’s collections.  Whether it’s art, comic books, figurines, matchbooks, wine labels, stamps, or dolls, we often advise people that if you have a collection, you really should find a way to display and enjoy it… if it’s sitting in a box… Read more »

Do You Like to Write in Your Books?

It’s Back-to-School time, and I was thinking about study habits and getting organized for school.  Organizing information is a challenge, and some people like to take notes in the margins of their books to help them retain information better and find it faster later. I just ran into this great note-taking information from Levenger— They… Read more »

Congratulations to Our Winner!

As many of you may remember, last week my friend Dr. Ragan from Psychology of Clutter had a contest for a free annual membership to Clutter Diet!  The winner was "Heather"– congratulations! More details about winners are here.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Hidden Storage You Didn’t Realize You Have

I wanted to pass along a tip:  When we are working with clients, we often find extra storage on the "tippy-top" of the cabinets in their laundry rooms and kitchens.  Here is a photo showing where we put some extra bulky light bulbs in a laundry room: Because there is a nice piece of molding… Read more »

Win a Free Annual Membership to Clutter Diet!

My new friend Dr. Amie Ragan at Psychology of Clutter is having a contest today for her Web Site Wednesday feature.  To enter, post a comment on her blog to enter the contest for a free annual subscription to the Clutter Diet, where you’ll get a weekly project plan, video tutorials, knowledge base articles, and… Read more »

We’re in The Container Store!

Special Announcement:  I am so happy to finally be able to publicly announce that our Simple Division┬« Garment Organizers closet product is now on the shelves at The Container Store!  The organizer’s Mecca!  You can imagine how thrilled we are! This product is the best-seller in our own online store, so we’re not surprised that… Read more »

Note to My Blog Subscribers

Counter Problem? Something is going wacky with our FeedBurner counter– for several days it said we had 1024 or so feed subscribers, now it says 736… this has happened before and I think it confuses itself sometimes with the FeedBlitz e-mail subscriber data.  Anyway, I am very thankful to have you all aboard, however many… Read more »

Compulsive Shopping: The “Binge Eating” of Disorganization

I just read in the latest Time Magazine an article about addictions that says 1 out of 20 Americans are addicted to compulsive shopping.  (The statistic I am quoting seems to only show up in the print version, not online.)  That means that out of the approximately 1000 feed subscribers to this very blog, potentially… Read more »

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