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Can You Be TOO Organized?

Colorfulbinderclips2Being a Professional Organizer, people constantly ask me if my house is "perfect." Well, it certainly is not, but it’s generally free from clutter the majority of the time and things tend to function very well.  It does not look like a magazine photo!

There is such a thing as being TOO organized, and striving for perfection is not realistic– even "neatness" is not always the best solution.  We do live in our homes– they are not museums.

Read the article "Can You Be TOO Organized?" that I just wrote as a regular weekly contributor to (just named one of the top 50 productivity blogs!).

I am attending the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) conference this week in Minneapolis, so I look forward to telling you about new products and methodologies to help you get organized!

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Tame Those Toys Thursday – Can You Be Too Organized?

For my Tame Those Toys Thursday, which is all about helping your kids stay organized and having an organized family, I would like to refer you to a super article that I read a couple of days ago.
Its written by Lorie Marrero, who is a profession…

Organize. Simplify. Transform.


I just love this article, written by fellow NAPO member Lori Marrero. Its this thing we have in our society about organized being code for perfect – its NOT true! Being organized doesnt mean your home looks like Hou…


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