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NAPO Conference Wrap-Up

I was gone all last week to the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) conference in Minneapolis, and I wanted to say a few words to wrap that up.  Imagine about 900 Professional Organizers all in one place!  One of my friends was analyzing the slow breakfast buffet line and figuring out workflow processes to improve the bagel toasting procedures. 

I saw some great new products which I already posted about– and mostly, I saw some great friends.  My blogging friends John Trosko and Monica Ricci are simply fantastic people– click their names to read their blogs.  Hopefully I will have photos to share about this in a day or two.

We got to hear Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup guy) and Mark LeBlanc (incoming National Speakers Association president), and it was great to see this caliber of speakers coming to our conference.

One of the biggest trends in our industry appears to be the transition from primarily being sole proprietors to having organizing companies (like my company, LivingOrder). Some have estimated it’s about 97% of people in our industry that are solo practitioners, but that number is certainly diminishing as many organizers grow their businesses.  Our industry will need to address the growth issues of this different kind of business model.  I was a panelist on "Alternative Business Models" at the conference on Saturday, and there was wild applause when we talked about having discounted NAPO memberships for multiple people from the same company.

We roasted our outgoing president Barry Izsak, and I juggled pieces of fruit in front of all my peers.  But that is another story.  🙂

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Monica Ricci

Lorie, didn’t conference totally rock? It is my favorite week of the whole year! It was so awesome to see you and I can’t wait for next year in Reno! (do you think what happens in Reno stays in Reno?) 😉

John Trosko

Thanks for the mention!
You have certainly summed up 4 or 5 days of conference. What a fun event, full of great information that our clients will benefit from.
Yes, I was present in the same room when you juggled the fruit. I think Monica Ricci was there too. You just didn’t juggle fruit, you created spectacle.
Maybe you can further diversity and branch out by offering lessons? I’ll be the first in line.
Best– John

Scott Roewer

Hello Lorie –
I wanted to let you know I received your package today with the Simple Division Garment Organizers and the Kitchen Organizing System Labels. I’ll be sure to highlight them at our meeting in June.
I enjoyed meeting you at the conference.
The roast for Barry was great, and I look forward to more juggling next year!
Best, Scott


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