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NAPO Conference Fun Stuff

I am here learning more about the latest in the organizing industry at the NAPO conference in Minneapolis, and I have seen some GREAT fun things here!  My favorite product so far: Intelliscanner, which allows you to create a home inventory or library using a little keychain scanner.  So fun!  You can scan anything with a barcode, or even use provided barcode stickers.  If you have a wine collection, for example, it will scan the existing wine barcode and automatically plug in the information about the wine into the system.  If you have books or CDs or DVDs, it will automatically get that information too!

Also I like the Zip-Bins from Neat-Oh. They are a great way to store collections of kids’ toys, such as Barbies and trucks, etc.  They are cute and fun and very well-designed.

More later!  Enjoy!

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