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What is Your “Saving Style?”

My very dear friend Susan Sabo from Productivity Café has written a couple of great posts lately on "saving styles," speaking of how you particularly like to keep things (or not).  Are you a Keeper, Collector, Sharer, Recycler, Finisher, or Streamliner? I think I am a Streamliner with Finisher tendencies… what are you?  Her first… Read more »

How Old is that Spaghetti Sauce??

What a nifty little gadget! I bet there are probably thousands of uses for this.  These are "Days Ago" digital day timers, which are available in both suction cup and magnetized versions, and they answer the question of "How many days ago did I (fill in the blank)?"  You can use it for seeing how… Read more »

Sign Up for Free Nagging

Drink more water!  Call your mother!  Eat more vegetables!  HassleMe is a service that will e-mail you a nagging message at irregular intervals to help you make positive changes in your habits.  You can tell it to remind you to do whatever you like.  I love this idea! Getting organized is all about changing habits. … Read more »

Clippers Anonymous?

Are you compelled to clip articles from magazines and other reading material and save them for later, or share them with your friends and family?  Is it becoming a problem? Clipping for yourself:  The main question is, do you have an organized system for FINDING the clippings later?  If you do not have a reliable… Read more »

Are You a Filer, or a Piler?

"Filers" have neat folders and subfolders, and "Pilers" keep things arranged in vertical stacks and know how to locate things based on almost a "geographical" orientation on their desks.  With paper, the more kinesthetic "Pilers" can easily move their paper documents around on their desks as they please, but computers have always forced Pilers to… Read more »

Hoarders and Wasters

Today I read an absolutely excellent article on clutter from AARP’s magazine.  Here is a snip from the article, by David Dudley: In Dante’s Inferno there is a circle of Hell reserved for two warring armies, the Hoarders and the Wasters, who spend eternity rolling enormous boulders at each other on a desolate sun-baked plain…. Read more »

How to Cheat at Cleaning

I saw this article in the Austin American-Statesman today about a new book called How to Cheat at Cleaning by Jeff Bredenberg.  I like how this guy thinks!  Like I am always saying, part of thinking like an organized person means asking yourself how you can do things faster or even not do them at… Read more »

KENS-TV: Great Day SA

January 23, 2007 (Live television appearance) San Antonio morning show “Great Day SA” interviews Lorie about maximizing your storage space and solving common problems with inexpensive solutions. (not available online)   Need help getting organized? Here are 3 ways we can help: Get our FREE report, “30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized“ Get… Read more »

Best Things from the Home & Garden Show

On a personal note, I am today recovering from spending my weekend at the Austin Spring Home & Garden Show— wow, that will wear a person out!  But it was very fun to meet a lot of people and tell them about the Clutter Diet.  We got a great response!  I spoke 4 times this… Read more »

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

My last post on junk mail prompted one of our team members, Helene, to show me this site she has found:  It not only claims to reduce your junk mail, but they guarantee to protect you from identity theft.  The interesting gimmick is that the CEO of the company posts his Social Security Number… Read more »

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