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A Shot of Efficiency

Just want to tell my readers about a great resource– my friend and colleague Susan Sabo at the  Productivity Cafe has some wonderful content on being more effective and productive in the workplace.  Susan is a productivity consultant and speaker, and she is also now an author!  Check out her new e-book on managing e-mail. … Read more »

Set Up a “Gift Station”

Now that we’ve started the busiest shopping season of the year, that also means we need to get organized to wrap a lot of gifts.  The average US household purchases up to 14 holiday gifts for friends, relatives or co-workers (that sounds conservative to me!).  Here are the major elements of a "Gift Station" that… Read more »

9 Things People Usually Forget to Buy at Thanksgiving

Butter, enough for serving at the table and for cooking potatoes and rolls and dessert Whipping cream or “Cool Whip” for desserts Club soda for cleaning up wine Candles for the table Nice napkins and paper goods (it can be great to use paper plates for the dessert to minimize clean-up time) Extra ice Extra… Read more »

Top Four Post Office Avoidance Tips!

We have learned a thing or two about saving time at the post office– in fact, we’ve figured out how not to have to ever wait in line there again! With this holiday season fast approaching, we are sharing our best tips with you so you can have more time to enjoy what matters most…. Read more »

How is getting organized like losing weight?

We are always telling people that getting organized is a lot like losing weight– because it’s about personal change.  A person has to be ready and committed to do both things.  Nobody can do it for you.  Sometimes people call us and ask if we can organize their husbands, and we always say, "Not any… Read more »

Are You Ready for Holiday Guests?

OK, Thanksgiving is next week– what does your guest room look like?  Or if you don’t have a guest room, where exactly are those people going to sleep? Get organized with our handy-dandy Guest Room Checklist.  You’re welcome.   🙂

Find Your Stuff!

Well, here’s a nifty little gadget:  The Loc8tor.  It works on the same concept as your cordless land line phone’s paging feature. You attach little signal tags to the stuff you might normally lose, like remote controls, keys, wallets, cell phones, even pets or kids (no kidding!).  If you don’t know where they are, you… Read more »

Too Many Beauty Products?

If you, like many of our clients, have way too many bottles of facial moisturizer, various hair gels,  wrinkle creams, and other kinds of beauty products, have we got a great resource for you! The Cosmetics Cop is a great site that provides product reviews and ingredient glossaries so you can make sense of all… Read more »

I Am Writing This Now to Send Later…

Here is a handy little trick for people who work late, like I do… If you are trying to catch up on your work late at night but don’t want to look like a complete fiend for staying up at 1 AM doing e-mail, try this: In Outlook, from within the e-mail message you are… Read more »

How We Spend Our Time

Fantastic issue of Time magazine this week– celebrating the 300 million population mark in the United States, they looked at a snapshot of statistics about who we are, where we live, what we believe, and how we spend our time. Did you know today’s parents actually spend more time with their children than parents did… Read more »

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