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Austin Fit Magazine: Spring Cleaning

April 01, 2007 Austin Fit features the Clutter DietĀ® and our Simple DivisionĀ® Garment Organizers.       Need help getting organized? Here are 3 ways we can help: Get our FREE report, “30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized“ Get 14 days of unlimited FREE advice from our team of Certified Professional OrganizersR… Read more »

Retail Therapy from Retail Therapists?

Professional organizers can often feel like we are walking a thin line between helping with clutter and being a substitute therapist for our clients.  Getting organized can sometimes relate to some "issues" in your life; for example, we often notice that our clients’ homes can be roughly a projection of how they are feeling personally. … Read more »

Pretend Like You’re Moving!

When people move around frequently, it's easier to keep things pared down and organized, but when you have stayed put for several years, things do tend to accumulate!  To keep the clutter to a minimum, a friend told me about her strategy:  Pretend that you're moving out of each room, one at a time. She… Read more »

Are You Chronically Disorganized?

Many people don’t realize that there are two basic types of disorganization:  Situational and Chronic.  Situational disorganization occurs as a result of a life event that temporarily causes existing systems to become obsolete.  Examples of these life events are moving, having a new baby, losing a job, getting a new job, retirement, divorce, or loss… Read more »

Get Some Weeding Done

This last week of March is National Clutter Awareness Week.  I was thinking about that this morning while I was outside weeding dandelions in my front yard.  You could certainly compare decluttering to weeding your yard… keeping the good plants and getting rid of the ones that obviously need to go.  Have you ever noticed… Read more »

Dates and Times Simplified!

When planning and organizing, sometimes you need to look at dates and times in a different way.  Just today I really needed to know how many days there were between today and the end of the year, so instead of tediously counting them myself, I went to a favorite site of mine,  This site… Read more »

How to Clone Yourself!

Delegating tasks to someone else is a great way to get some of your time back.  Organizing and managing your home means that you have a lot of little things that have to get done, and when are you going to do those?  Hiring a personal assistant is a great way to reclaim a few… Read more »

Micro- Vs. Macro-Organizing: First Things First!

Getting your home organized, just like anything else, can be done on both micro (tiny details) and macro (bigger picture) levels.  This week one of our clients had a lot of organizing work to be done in a short amount of time.  While working with us she found several boxes of memorabilia, and she wanted… Read more »

Get Hooked on a New Habit

Organizing your home and life can be easier with this concept I teach called "Habit Hooks."  You probably already do this and don’t know it… the idea is that you take something you already do regularly and hook a new habit onto it.  For example, when you brush your teeth at night, you may also… Read more »

Just Say NO!

Organizing your time has a lot to do with making decisions and getting clear on what you do and don’t want to do.  Many people have trouble saying "NO" to requests because of guilt, obligation, or embarrassment.  There is a great article in this week’s Time Magazine about William Ury’s book The Power of a… Read more »

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