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Get Hooked on a New Habit

Toothbrush2Organizing your home and life can be easier with this concept I teach called "Habit Hooks."  You probably already do this and don’t know it… the idea is that you take something you already do regularly and hook a new habit onto it.  For example, when you brush your teeth at night, you may also floss.

Here are two really good Habit Hooks to add to your routine:

1) When you stop to fill up your car with gas, hook on the habit of cleaning out your car.  You’re just standing there waiting anyway, and there is a large garbage can right there. 
2) When you have a regular trash pickup day coming up, hook on the habit of cleaning out your refrigerator the night before.  Doing this helps you avoid stinky garbage the rest of the week.

I’m sure you can think of others!  Share your favorites here in the comments if you like.

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Monica Ricci

Lori, we clean out our fridge every Thursday night because the trash guys come on Friday morning. It’s a great routine and it keeps our fridge from accumulating lots of hairy, stinky food!


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