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Best Things from the Home & Garden Show

On a personal note, I am today recovering from spending my weekend at the Austin Spring Home & Garden Show— wow, that will wear a person out!  But it was very fun to meet a lot of people and tell them about the Clutter Diet.  We got a great response!  I spoke 4 times this weekend and then also co-presented with Susan Crenshaw of HGTV.  Thank you to everyone who attended and came up to say hello!  Many of you may be new subscribers to this blog– thank you for signing up!

There are always interesting things to see at these shows.  My favorite new thing:  Wallapalooza.  Not an organizing product, but a decorating product.  Basically, any photo or anything you can dream up and create in Photoshop, they can make a wall mural out of it.  And, it’s a fabric material that uses a Post-It-type adhesive that you really just can’t make a mistake with– you can just keep moving it around and smoothing it out.  I am just excited about the possibilities for decorating a kid’s room with it.  You can put their whole soccer team on the wall, or make the kid look like they are in outer space, or whatever!  Anyway, it’s a lot of fun and innovative and I appreciate that.

In the organizing realm, I enjoyed being booth-neighbors with Shelf Conversions.  They have some great solutions for retrofitting cabinets to be more usable with glide-out shelves.  Particularly great is their solution for dead corner space, where many times you’ll see a lazy susan…The photo I linked to here is pretty good but you have to know that you first pull the front shelf out, and then the other shelf that is in the deep corner also slides up to the right so you can easily reach it.  They have a great product line.  I converted all of my lower kitchen cabinets to glide-outs several years ago and have absolutely loved it.

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