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What is Your “Saving Style?”

My very dear friend Susan Sabo from Productivity Café has written a couple of great posts lately on "saving styles," speaking of how you particularly like to keep things (or not).  Are you a Keeper, Collector, Sharer, Recycler, Finisher, or Streamliner?

I think I am a Streamliner with Finisher tendencies… what are you?  Her first post on this is here:  What’s Your Saving Style?  She wrote a follow up post on 2/13 called Saving Style Points & Counterpoints, in which she gives the Pros and Cons of each style. Check out her picture of her frostbitten toe in Tibet!  Wow!  She did get to keep the toe, incidentally– I have seen it.   🙂   

I believe she is going to write a 3rd one about this shortly.  Susan is a great resource for any of you readers who are interested in productivity at work and in life– while Clutter Diet focuses on organizing and efficiency in the home.  You may want to subscribe to her FeedBlitz e-mail list. Enjoy!

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