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Low-Effort, High-Reward Tips

Today I was in the Austin American-Statesman’s new "Life Guide" column, by Sarah Lindner. Click here for 17 time-saving tips from me, Jay White of, and life coach Celeste Hamman. Here is a portion to get you started: Don’t underestimate the power of these small steps. "Implementing one or two of these items would… Read more »

Three Tips to Manage Your Reading Pile

I work with a lot of high-achieving people, and they are really intent on being the best in their fields and staying on top of all of the information they need to know.  Unfortunately, there is just way too much information for them to possibly consume… and that leads to "READING GUILT."  There is this… Read more »

Five Websites I Find Essential in My Work

I’ve been tagged! My colleague Ariane Benefit from the Neat & Simple Living Blog has tagged me to share 5 of the websites I find useful in my work. It’s hard to narrow it down, as you may remember from yesterday that I have over 700 bookmarks! I am trying to strike a balance between… Read more »

KEYE-42 News: Organizing Your Closet

August 13, 2007 KEYE’s Elizabeth Dannheim (CBS- Austin) interviewed Lorie about the Clutter Diet® and the Simple Division® Garment Organizers with a demonstration at the Container Store, where the product is now carried nationwide. (no longer available online) Need help getting organized? Here are 3 ways we can help: Get our FREE report, “30 Ways… Read more »

Organize Your Website Favorites

If you ever want to declutter your list of web favorites or bookmarks, there is a great free tool you can use to quickly test all of the links and clean them up.  It’s called AM-Deadlink. It runs a scan to check whether the links are still good, and you can check for duplicates, and… Read more »

News 8 Austin: Getting Organized Online

August 12, 2007 News 8 Austin covers the Clutter Diet® with a story at the Container Store. (video not online- only the story’s writeup)     Need help getting organized? Here are 3 ways we can help: Get our FREE report, “30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized“ Get 14 days of unlimited FREE… Read more »

Got Collections?

You might imagine in our organizing work that we run into a lot of people’s collections.  Whether it’s art, comic books, figurines, matchbooks, wine labels, stamps, or dolls, we often advise people that if you have a collection, you really should find a way to display and enjoy it… if it’s sitting in a box… Read more »

Do You Like to Write in Your Books?

It’s Back-to-School time, and I was thinking about study habits and getting organized for school.  Organizing information is a challenge, and some people like to take notes in the margins of their books to help them retain information better and find it faster later. I just ran into this great note-taking information from Levenger— They… Read more »

Congratulations to Our Winner!

As many of you may remember, last week my friend Dr. Ragan from Psychology of Clutter had a contest for a free annual membership to Clutter Diet!  The winner was "Heather"– congratulations! More details about winners are here.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Hidden Storage You Didn’t Realize You Have

I wanted to pass along a tip:  When we are working with clients, we often find extra storage on the "tippy-top" of the cabinets in their laundry rooms and kitchens.  Here is a photo showing where we put some extra bulky light bulbs in a laundry room: Because there is a nice piece of molding… Read more »

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