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Blocks of Free Time… Literally

Yesterday I went with my boys to the Blanton Museum of Art here at the University of Texas.  It is a wonderful place, just opened last year.  The work of art that struck me the most was "2244 Modulos" by Isabel del Rio of Santiago, Chile.  My camera phone photo is here, but click here… Read more » Organize for a Relaxing Fall Getaway

October 09, 2007 Lorie wrote this article for Lifetime Television’s website, perfect for people wanting to get away for a quick fall trip! Need help getting organized? Here are 3 ways we can help: Get our FREE report, “30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized“ Get 14 days of unlimited FREE advice from our… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Send Yourself a Reminder!

OK, this is a very cool new toy… Go to where you can send a free text message to yourself (or someone else) for now or anytime in the future!  Imagine reminding your spouse to pick up some eggs at the store this afternoon and setting it up in the morning right after you… Read more »

Work/Life FIT, not Balance!

Yesterday I attended the Texas Conference for Women here in Austin.  I heard some amazing speakers like Carly Fiorina and Elizabeth Vargas of ABC.  One person I met there was Cali Williams Yost, the president of Work Life Fit, and a blogger extraordinaire.  She is an expert on what people usually call "work/life balance" and… Read more »

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine: Closet Makeover

October 01, 2007 October 2007 issue (article not available online) This closet makeover article featured our own Simple Division® Garment Organizers and caused a flood of orders! Click the link below to learn more about this closet product in our store. It’s our best seller!     Need help getting organized? Here are 3 ways… Read more »

October is National Clean Out Your Files Month

"They" say it’s that time of year… however, I actually recommend cleaning out your files in April right after you finish your taxes.  I suppose this is exactly 6 months after April, so if you want to do this twice a year, October and April make a lot of sense.  (Who sets these national observances… Read more »

How Baking Cookies Relates to Procrastination

In computer data processing, there are batch processes and there are continuous processes… stay with me for a second… for example, if a server collects a bunch of e-mails over a few hours and sends them all out at once, that is batching.  But if the server sends out each e-mail right as it comes… Read more »

Lost 864 Pounds Yesterday!

My team member Yvette & I coordinated a large shredding effort for one of our clients yesterday, with a shredding truck there to do it all right on the premises.  Our client lost 864 Clutter-Pounds(sm) in one day!   🙂  If you have never seen a shredder truck, it’s really quite a spectacle.  They take a… Read more »

Our Blog Added to the “Personal Development List”

We are pleased to report that our blog has been added to Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List by fellow blogger Julie Bonner.  Thank you, Julie!  The Personal Development List is a dynamic list of blogs having to do with “law of attraction, goals, time management, physical fitness, education, motivation, inspiration, and social skills.”  The list… Read more »

New Clutter Vocabulary Words!

One of my favorite websites for a good laugh is "Wordspy." They capture newly-minted words in the English language and share them, with actual citations of the words’ usage in popular media.  Here are a couple of new entries I thought our readers would appreciate:

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