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Stop Living With It and Fix It!

I just got a new phone this week (a Samsung Galaxy S III Android, if you must know), and it is heavenly. I had an Android phone before that was over 2 years old, and it had run out of memory. I use my phone constantly for business and travel, so this was not good…. Read more »

What Do You Get Done Before Breakfast?

I just learned something important about time management that I did not already know! After 11+ years in this industry of organizing and productivity, I did not fully realize this: Some hours of the day are better than others. And those hours are MORNING hours. I did know that people have different times of the… Read more »

My Productivity Proverb… For Serenity NOW! :)

One of the greatest challenges to productivity is DISTRACTION. We are so distracted nowadays with dozens of gizmos, bells, gadgets, and beeps! And the larger issue is that many of those distractions are completely within our control. It occurred to me that this whole issue of distraction is similar to the classic "Serenity Prayer," which… Read more »

How Many of Your Dreams Have Come True?

Do you write your goals down? Why not? It's been proven and demonstrated over and over again that writing down your goals makes them much more likely to happen. And reviewing them regularly makes it even more likely! I was just reviewing mine, and I found an old list from 2005. I was astonished at… Read more »

I Can Do That… with ONE PHONE CALL!

When we are consulting with our members daily in our message boards, we sometimes find that things that they are grappling with are actually ONE PHONE CALL away from getting resolved! I am often surprised at this in my own life, too, when I have one of those days where I knock out tons of… Read more »

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Oscillating…

I had the pleasure of hearing Tony Schwartz speak this weekend at the SXSW Interactive conference here in Austin. He is the co-author of The Power of Full Engagement (Kindle edition here) and Be Excellent at Anything (Kindle edition here). I was really looking forward to hearing Tony and meeting him because I think he… Read more »

Do You Have TPOT Syndrome?

Many of us get stuck in this procrastination trap I call TPOT Syndrome… "There's Plenty Of Time." You know, when you say, "Sure, I can get that done, but there's no hurry, There's Plenty Of Time, I will just do it tomorrow." Maybe you sit and have a cup of tea first. 🙂 That might… Read more »

Planning Pays! Duotasking Revisited

I want to bring up what I call "Duotasking" again. Not multitasking, DUOtasking. (See original post on this idea here.) My definition of Duotasking: Elegant pairs of tasks that can be done simultaneously with no negative effects. You can either set one task in motion to operate independently from the other, or one task might… Read more »

Yes, You CAN Check Your Email in the Morning!

I'm being a heretic again. It's quite popular now in our industry of organizing and productivity to give the firm advice not to check email first thing in the morning. I really have to disagree with that, and I'm sorry because some of the people who say this the most are friends of mine… But… Read more »

Location, Location, Location: Find Important Things FAST!

In the organizing world we often tell people that everything should have a home, which is very good advice. Usually we’re speaking in generalities about how food goes in the pantry or toiletries go in the bathroom, but today I want to talk about very specific homes for very specific things. Yesterday I was with… Read more »

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