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Declutter or Your Kids Will Tell On You

As if you needed more incentive to lose the clutter, now there is a blog called "Crap At My Parents' House" that displays photos of ridiculous clutter people see in their parents' homes. Take a look at these: The plastic pig wearing glasses and a John Deere hat The mean bunny statue The vintage box… Read more »

Is There Such a Thing as “Clutter Free?”

When I hear someone say the phrase "Clutter Free," I cringe a little. I am quite certain that somewhere out there I am guilty of referring to it at times, and the media definitely loves to say that phrase. (This cover is from our big 2009 feature story in Good Housekeeping, on the inside entitled,… Read more »

But I Don’t Wanna! 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed

We had our monthly member "freestyle" Q&A webinar last Tuesday night, when our members can send in photos and questions and get live consultations (no additional cost, included in our membership program). Always such a blast! One member asked me this week, "Why should I make my bed every morning?"  Here are 4 good reasons… Read more »

Doing = Having: Why Being Busy Can Mean More Clutter

I was just telling a reporter that many of the people we serve in our Clutter Diet online program are women who are doing too much. They are working full- or part-time outside the home, volunteering at school or at church (or both), rearing children, sometimes homeschooling, caring for aging parents, running a small business… Read more »

The Most Important Organizing Tool You Already Have

I recently read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (click here to see hardcover book at Amazon, click here to see Kindle version). It's a great book — the subtitle is "Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun." … Read more »

3 Ways to Turn Your Clutter into Cash!

Wouldn't it be great if you could turn your clutter into some good old-fashioned green cash? According to an eBay/Nielsen survey, the average American household has about $3000 worth of valuable items waiting to be cashed in! Here are three ways to capitalize on fashion mistakes, impulse purchases, and things that have outlasted their usefulness…. Read more »

4 Ways Clutter Can Kill Your Sex Life

Yes, you heard me correctly… I am talking about how clutter affects your time in the bedroom. Although I am not privy to exactly what goes on behind closed doors, I have seen a lot of marital conflict during my 9 years as an organizer, and I have seen a lot of messy spaces that… Read more »

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