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Clutter Video Tip: Treadmill Desks: Exercise While You Work

Can’t stand work? Try standing while you work! If you are looking for ways to workout at work, you are not alone. Many companies are beginning to install treadmill desks in offices so you can exercise while you work! In this video I am showing my own treadmill workstation and showing you how you can workout at your desk, too. I am workwalking the line to share ideas that will improve your life. 😉

If you use a treadmill at work or a walk desk without the treadmill, please let us know in the comments how it’s working for you.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about what I call work-walking. I am actually working on my computer and walking on my treadmill at the same time. And I got this idea back in 2008 when I saw an article in Time Magazine that said that manufacturers are now making desks for office space that have a treadmill built right in. So, I thought why not be able to retrofit my existing treadmill to do the same thing? So at the time I had a treadmill that had straight level rails on the side, and I took a shelf from a shelving unit that I wasn’t using, literally was a board, and I put it on top of the rails and that was it. No cost, it worked perfectly, I did that for a long time. That treadmill broke, I had to buy another one, and I didn’t think about it, but I got one with sloping rails. So the board wasn’t going to work anymore for this treadmill. So, I found a solution for it. It’s called the Surf Shelf, (Update August, 2016: The popup link in the video is no longer active, please contact us at for updated information.) and it’s designed to work on any exercise machine pretty much. It’s not ideal for my particular machine because it covers up the controls, but it’s still very workable. It’s fine, and I’ve been using it for quite a while.

So, they say that you should only go about two miles an hour for safety reasons when you’re doing this. And I did that for a long time, but then I experimented, and I’m able to go faster than that, so you can see what works for you, but that is the recommended speed. And it’s great for just catching up on e-mail, catching up on social media, doing some writing. I would recommend for any kind of intricate mousing work that you go back to your chair because you might want to be a little more still to work in photo-shop or in a big spread sheet or something.

One of the things I like doing is even if I want to run on the treadmill, it’s just to watch videos. So people send me all kinds of 30-minute videos and things they want me to watch, and I’m able to just let those run while I run and it saves me a lot of time, and it’s just a very productive thing to do. I call this duo-tasking, and I’m going to do another video about that soon.

So if you want to save some time, I have a free report for you. It’s called 30 Ways to Find Time to Get Organized. You can get that on our Free Tips page at

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

You may have been searching for how to find time for exercise in a busy schedule.

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Great Post. We have joked about doing this at work in the past, but we are seeing more and more coworkers coming up with cleaver ways to exercise during the work day. There are several others who are involved in the current diet craze, the hc3 diet.
Maybe ill go out and get that treadmill.


Thanks, Bjorn! Using the treadmill while you are working is a great way to duotask and get through some things that you might not otherwise make time for.


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