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Clutter Video Tip: Guest Room Tips

Each week we are posting a one-minute-ish quick video tip on something useful and practical that you can apply right away! Our eighth video, focuses on making your guests feel “at home”. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player.)


Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about guest rooms. I’m sitting in my own guestroom where we just had guests this weekend. I just took the sheets off the bed to wash them, and I was thinking I want to share with you a couple of things we use to help our guestroom feel a little more organized and our guests to feel more comfortable. One thing is this shoebox full of forgotten items. This we have in the cabinet with the towels, so our guests don’t even have to ask us for anything. If they forgot something they can just grab what they need. Something like, a toothbrush or some razors. We also have in here a cute little deodorant, we have some Q-tips and band-aids and hairspray and shaving cream, of course, and floss. And there are many other things I’m sure you can think of to put in here. But this is wonderful, and the guests just are completely comfortable and have everything they need.

Another thing we do is we have a tourist binder. So, I want to show you a few things in here. What we keep in here is a really nice walking map of downtown, extra museum tickets in this envelope, some gift certificates for our favorite ice cream place, and we also have a Word document that we keep updated, probably once a year or so, with favorite restaurants and things to do. And then we have clippings from local magazines about great restaurants and other things to do around town.

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See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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Lorie Marrero

Thanks, Kristen! The necklace is from one of those home-party companies, Lia Sophia. 🙂


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