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Clutter Video Tip: Filing Cabinets

Each week we are posting a one-minute-ish quick video tip on something useful and practical that you can apply right away! Our ninth video, focuses on getting the most out of your filing cabinet. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player.)

Hello, I’m Lorie Marrero, and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about getting the most out of your filing cabinet. Now, I rarely recommend that people buy a filing cabinet new, because you can Google “used office furniture” for your town, and you can often find an office furniture liquidator that will sell you really high quality bookcases and filing cabinets and things for a fraction of the cost of new. I got this filing cabinet at a place like that locally, and I didn’t get the keys that came with it, but that was okay with me. What was important to me instead was whether the drawers operated properly and didn’t stick and that I could get my rails for the hanging folders that I like to use. So in here I have some letter-size folders. And when you do that, you’ve got extra space in a lateral filing cabinet that’s just bonus storage, right alongside the letter-size folders. So here I’ve got a box of checks. I also have a big long box of extra business cards. And I can even fit my landscaping plans for my backyard right here perfectly next to the files.

Another thing you can do to get the most out of your filing cabinet is use what we call box-bottom folders. These are available at any office supply store, and they come with a cardboard insert that fits into the bottom of the folder and allows bulky files full of paper to work a little bit more efficiently inside the drawer with the other folders.

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See you next time, and may you always feel happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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