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Paper Management

All Paper is Not Evil! | Clutter Video Tip

Does picking up your stack of paperwork feel like doing a clean and jerk? Is finding the right piece of paper like going on a caper? You may feel like throwing it all out, but about what you need- there is still a lingering doubt. Have no fear- Lorie is here! Watch this video for… Read more »

How to Be Virtually Paper-Free | Clutter Video Tip

I can think of lots of things I wouldn’t mind being “buried” in; dark chocolate bars and cashmere sweaters come to mind. But, paper is nowhere on that list. Paper can be confusing and overwhelming, so it often gets stacked, stashed or shoved- and ultimately never looked at again. Watch this video, grab yourself a… Read more »

How to Manage Paperwork | Clutter Video Tip

You are not alone! Paper is a challenge and your tranquility it can damage. But if you learn how it can be managed, your serenity can be salvaged. Watch this video to manage your paper stack and gain a blissful vantage. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player. Or… Read more »

5 Ways to Manage Project Papers | Clutter Video Tip

Is your project worth the paper it’s printed on? Wait, can you find the paper it’s printed on? Paper trails are for paper pushers, watch this video for strategies to keep your project papers nice and tidy. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player. Or watch the video at… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: 7 Biggest Mistakes with Paper & Information

Hansel and Gretel knew a thing or two about leaving trails. Leaving a paper trail everywhere you go is as dangerous as eating the gingerbread off of a witch’s house. Paper can be bulky, time consuming, and intimidating. But, just like a well fired oven, it is also an essential element in most homes. Watch… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: A Better Way to Organize Recipes

Unless you are making a pot of stone soup, you are going to need your recipes handy. But how do you collect and organize your recipes? Scraps of paper can be easy to lose and hard to search through to find just the right thing. Watch this video to see exactly how I organize my… Read more »

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